Man charged with hate crime for allegedly racist threats to his daughter’s classmate

The father was charged with a felony hate crime after a widespread video of him using racially motivated harassment and threats against his daughter’s high school student in Monroe, Washington, emerged.

According to a January 6 Monroe Police Department press release, the man was accused of “deliberate death threats and racist speech” over the telephone to a black student at Monroe High School on November 10. He was identified as 39-year-old William Cunningham, according to King 5 News.

The phone call allegedly came after an incident at a school between a black student and Cunningham’s daughter, who is white. According to police, in this incident, a teenage girl made racist taunts against a black student.

“There was shoving and pushing between the students involved,” police said.

” [father’s] Death threats and racist remarks were recorded on the phone of a student witness and circulated widely on social media. ”

While the police were investigating the incident, they learned that the father had also stalked and intimidated the victim for another reason. He and his daughter allegedly appeared at the workplace of a male student, prompting them to deny entry to the premises.

“We recognize the fear and trauma caused by these illegal activities,” the police said.

The incident comes amid reports of a long-standing disregard for racism, hatred and discrimination in the Monroe School District, northeast of Seattle. County Superintendent Justin Blasco was sent on administrative leave by the school board in December after allegations were filed by teachers, parents and students.

Cunningham is due to appear before the Snohomish County Supreme Court on January 19.

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