Managing SIM in Surabaya is easy with “Kak Bhabin”

Managing SIM in Surabaya is easy with

Polrestabes provides facility for public to obtain a new Driving License (SIM) through Surabaya Traffic Unit (Satlantas) through “SIM Cak Bhabin” service, which can be found in each district of Kota Pehalwan. This service will maximize the role of Bhabinkamatibas as the National Police Representative who is closest to the community.

“Bhabinkmatitabmas will be in direct contact with the community, as well as provide instructions on the procedure. Hopefully there is no longer the impression that the new SIM is difficult to care for, which is why people use touts,” Commissioner Randy Asdar, Vacasatlantas Polarestabes Surabaya, said on Thursday. Surabaya Voice Radio Monday (8/8/2022).

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With regard to systematic management, the SIM applicants will be directed to register through Bhabinkamatibimas of their respective areas. After completing the registration, the concerned person will subsequently receive a notification from WhatsApp or their respective email containing the theoretical test link.

“So there is no need to fill the theory test in Colombo Satpas Surabaya but can be from anywhere with your respective gadget with the help of Bhabinakatimbamas. After passing the theory test, you can directly get Kak Bhabin Sim in your respective sub-districts Can go to the place of service. Like now in Sambikarep district,” he explained.

Afterwards, SIM applicants only need to show proof of registration and pass a fresh full theory exam. After that, the public’s attention will immediately coaching clinic safety driving as providing material and exercises.

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After that SIM applicants will practice at Colombo Surabaya Satpass. After the completion of all the steps, only further registration and photo shoot process is left to do for sim printing.

Although this service is only for new sim applicants, Kompol Randy also welcomes those who wish to consult bhabinkambatibmas to extend their old sim.

“Bhabinkmatibma has been provided with respect to SIM management, both new and expanded. So please make the most of it,” he concluded. (bill)


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