Mandatory masks in Cordoba From this Saturday it will no longer be mandatory in health centers in Andalusia

Emergency department visits and admissions due to respiratory virus in Córdoba enters phase 0

Managing Director of Andalusian Health Service (SAS), wally garcia, The announcement was made this Friday at a press conference held in Córdoba to present the latest data on the high-frequency plan in the region’s health centers. The obligation to use it begins tomorrow, Saturday, February 10 mask inside Health Center Of the community. Starting this Saturday, the use of this protective element becomes a recommendation.

According to Garcia, This decision has been taken Public health experts have confirmed this The rate of acute respiratory infection cases has been declining continuously during the last three weeks In Andalusia, this was the main need for which this preventive measure was adopted. This increased the rate of respiratory infection cases per 100,000 inhabitants from 380 to 360 in the region.

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Emergency department visits and admissions due to respiratory virus in Córdoba enters phase 0

Check the situation in Andalusian hospitals regarding respiratory infections. manuel murillo

BOJA will publish the decision today

This decision, agreed by the SAS, will be published this Friday in an extraordinary bulletin of the Junta de Andalucia (BOJA) and will come into force from this date. Saturday 10 February.


Ministry of Health and Consumer Affairs continues Recommending the use of masks in health centers, public transportation or places with large numbers of people., such as libraries or shopping centres, as viruses are still prevalent. In this sense, they affect the use of masks by vulnerable groups – over 60, people with chronic pathologies or pregnant women – as well as all people who have symptoms of a respiratory virus – cough, sneezing, fever – among others.

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Ministerial order

The Health Ministry put it into use on January 10. Masks in health centers, However, to reduce conflict (many communities were against it) and to address the accusations of autonomous governments and the “specificity” of each region, the Executive allowed this obligation to become a “recommendation” if a reduction in respiration was recorded. Decided to give. Infection for two consecutive weeks.


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