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Mangione agrees to a waiting period in health struggles | Both regions warned that force measures would be returned if there was no response.

State Health Minister, Federico Mangione, in a waiting period in General Güemes managed to agree to references from self-called doctors and workers from the Joaquín Castellanos hospital To propose alternative solutions to the claims that the sector appeared with strikes, protests and blockades.

In the case of self-summons, they demand wage revision and issues that involve solutions at the national level such as 82% mobile, or exemption of non-taxable minimum on on-call hours.

The workers at Guam requested that they be recognized as a temporary plant, given that There are people who have worked for 5 or 10 years without job stability and earned a salary of 30,000 to 36,000 pesos. for 30 hours of weekly work.

“Today (yesterday) we have a meeting with Minister Mangione, where We reached an agreement but still no agreement on it, They asked us for time between January 15 or 16 to respond to our request for a transitional appointment,” one of the references to Joaquín Castellanos hospital staff told Salta/12. She indicated that although “the vote of confidence The new officer and the barriers will be suspended, “Yes, we will keep the tent at the entrance of the hospital”.

Meanwhile, Mangione himself was in charge yesterday Thursday to report on the arrival of an agreement with the field of self-calling doctors. This waiting period would last till February, during which the doctors promised to settle their claims and return to normalcy in the provision of services. Mangione promised that when the parallels reopen, he will also call on doctors to negotiate with health unions.

“It’s a great satisfaction and at the same time it means a big commitment from meBecause the pros take my word, rest assured, I will respect”, Mangione insisted.

On the other hand, the new minister pointed out that other points have been discussed that “although they do not fall under provincial jurisdiction, Governor (Gustavo) Saenz has agreed with other governors to jointly discuss these issues with the national government”. promised, because he refer to retirement with 82 percent of mobile pay and exemption from income tax.

drunk between 35 and 40

About 20 boys, aged between 12 and 15, were treated at the Mother and Child Hospital on Wednesday afternoon after vomiting due to food poisoning. Others, between 15 and 20 adults who were with another group at a campsite in the city St. Lawrence (municipality near the capital of Salta) also He received medical care at the Hospital del Milagro.

it was indicated by Eduardo Calvo, assistant manager of maternal and child care, that according to the statements of those responsible for the group, intoxication was the result of the consumption of a Food that he prepared himself. However, the root cause of the poisoning was unknown and it was not ruled out that it was Salmonella.

The Ministry of Public Health created a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary table to address the problem of Salmonella infection and foodborne diseases (ETA), which can be infections or poisonings.

foodborne illness prevention

Infectious diseases doctor, biochemist, epidemiologist and scientist at CONICET (National Council for Scientific and Technical Research) In a joint work with the Gastronomic and Associated Hotel Chamber of Salta, plan to develop Joint action to eradicate the problem of ETA (Food Borne Disease).

This was announced by Minister Mangione, noting that it is the first time that an interdisciplinary team has been formed to carry out this vision.

for his part, he Francisco García Campos, General Director of Epidemiological Coordination, He contributed that work would be done on two main pillars: prognosis and treatment.

“We want to address the problem of FD from medical care and laboratory diagnosis, which is why, in addition to infectious disease professionals, biochemists working in the fields of molecular biology and traditional bacteriology have been called in,” he said. Said.

general recommendations

A frequent food crime during year-end celebrations, usually caused by a disorder, infection or inflammation of the mucosa of the stomach and intestine, known as gastroenteritis when there is vomiting and loose stools; or gastroenterocolitis, when the stool contains blood or mucus or causes great pain.

for In order to prevent these diseases of the digestive system, it is recommended to be careful in the consumption of food that does not occur frequently in the daily diet.

Mixing and overdoing this type of food can lead to rapid fermentation that causes diarrhea. The same happens with drinks when they are mixed at the level of the intestinal flora.

There are also other diarrhea of ​​infectious origin, such as heat or produced by bacteria of the genus Salmonella. These types of infections result from inadequate hand hygiene, consumption of water or other unsafe beverages, and contamination from food preparation.

before this have recommendations: When the water to be consumed is not safe, it is advised to boil it to make it potable, cool it and consume it or keep it in a clean and airtight container. Vegetables and fruits should be washed thoroughly with safe water. Meat and eggs should be thoroughly cooked and the containers and utensils used in their preparation should be thoroughly washed. Another important recommendation is to maintain a cold chain to preserve food, avoiding dressings that may break due to room temperature. A classic example of a New Year’s side dish is Russian salad; Mayonnaise should be added at the time of service to avoid germs such as salmonella and Escherichia coli. Similarly, saving this preparation for the next day is not advised. When buying packaged or canned food, pay special attention to the expiration date and condition of the container; discard those that are cracked or dented.

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