Manu Tenorio condemns insult after calling Zorra and Nebulosa’s song Soez


Zora is in a good moment. Maria Bass and Marc D’Sousa, whose faces are not hidden behind the nebulosa, will be the Spanish representatives at Eurovision after being declared brand new winners at the Benidorm Fest. The key to this musical victory was, perhaps, the prelude to a much bigger victory, made possible, in large part, by the overwhelming support their song received. However, due to the unwritten rule that anything that has many followers also has great critics, some voices have spoken out against the issue, which, in turn, has led to a wave of disapproval. Manu Tenorio has verified this.

The former Vijay mentioned the song last Sunday via X (Twitter, earlier) with a message whose impact, amidst the festival hangover, resonated strongly throughout the social network. “Bitch, when this social anarchy in which we live reaches its peak, when lyricism, poetry, and beauty are replaced by profanity… But I understand that there are still people who practice : ‘It is important that they speak.’ ,

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“This is an underground dictatorship.”

They fell like lead. Words that shook the screen. This Monday, Tenorio wrote again in X to condemn the attacks on him for expressing his opinion about Zora. “Okay, family, now we are going to be serious; insults and disqualifications are more defined by who writes them than who they are directed at. I have never insulted anyone; I have only given my opinion on this topic, on the song,” the singer began.

He then addressed Nebulosa directly: “The group and the writers deserve the greatest respect, because I know what it’s like to be there.” Then leave the key on which you base your post. “And, of course, the fact that I don’t like the songs doesn’t mean I don’t wish them the best, because, I repeat, I’ve been there, and I can relate to the excitement and emotions when you see them yourself. I know close to a dream,” leaves in writing.

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After wishing him victory, he blames those who have insulted him, repeating what he had previously established: “And although some of you do not understand it, it is entirely consistent that some of you respect artist-writers and do not agree with some of their creations, and you say so. And that is why we are neither insulting nor beating anyone. ” And raise it one tone more. “But well, surely many of you are more than happy to express your anger on the network, because I feel very sorry for you; you are showing that you are poor in spirit,” he says.

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Subsequently, he has written a few more posts emphasizing his position; he has also made other posts criticizing the song. In one of them, he says, “This is a dictatorship in disguise. If you don’t think like us, we’ll blow you up, and, of course, you’re a fascist.” In another, he sums up the matter with enough sarcasm to sink a seaplane: “If you’re basically right, if Spain sent Chiquilquiatre to Eurovision…”.


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