Manuel Mijares turns 66: This is what he looked like at the beginning of his career, with a featherweight style cut

Manuel Mijares turns 66: This is what he looked like at the beginning of his career, with a featherweight style cut

We mean that one of the greatest representatives of Spanish music is celebrating his 66th birthday manuel mijares Who were born on this day, 7 february But since 1958 in Mexico City and it is precisely on the occasion of his birthday that now his fans have created a stir on social networks by sharing their favorite songs and so-called moments. soldier of Love,

the highlight singer And the Mexican actor’s musical career spans decades, since as a child he discovered the power of his voice, which is why he started his path in music at an early age by participating in local competitions and events. Had given. Thus, driven by the love for music, he continued to find his way in the industry and shortly after, in 1981, he released his debut album titled “”.love is not dead“, symbolizing the beginning of a successful career.

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Manuel Mijares and his “Featherweight” style look

Throughout his career, Mijares has explored different musical styles, from pop and ballads to ranchera music, demonstrating his artistic versatility, but not only that, he has also gone through different styles and looks, for example , early in his career he received a “featherweight,

This is the look that Mijares had at the beginning of his career, before he established himself as the star he is today, although in that decade, between the late 80s and early 90s, he Already appeared as a star with high potential and acceptability. By the public.

About Manuel Mijares’ Career

it affects industry music This is not only because of his impressive voice, but also because of his ability to connect emotionally with his audience, as he is known for delivering his songs with passion and sincerity, channeling emotions. that resonate with their followers.

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In addition to his solo career, he has collaborated with other notable artists, solidifying his position as a respected and beloved figure in Latin music. its ability to evolve over time and adapt The various genres have contributed to his enduring relevance in the industry, which is why he remains in the affection of his audience, who celebrate the artiste’s birthday today.


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