Manuela Venegas: “It's a great goal that you don't usually see in women's football”

Manuela Venegas:

Colombian Manuela Venegas shined in the quarter-finals of the Queen’s Cup with a spectacular goal from a free kick, helping Real Sociedad qualify for the next stage of the competition as they eliminated Levante with a score of 2–1.

The Colombian national team player expressed his satisfaction with the goal in a sports blog, as it helped his team reach the semi-finals, where they will face Atlético de Madrid, where Lecce Santos plays.

For this I work hard day after day, right now I am very happy with the opportunity to score goals and, above all, to reach the semi-finals of the Queen’s Cup.

Manuela Venegas said.

The defender also said that she is always overtraining to perform better on the field and definitely take advantage of set pieces, as she did with the header at the World Cup against Germany.

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“For me the set piece is a golden opportunity, whether it’s a corner kick or a free kick, I go in with full ambition to win and of course score. It’s something I practice a lot in training. After I keep hitting and okay, pounding that goal. It’s a great goal, it’s a shot that was very far, which you don’t see a lot in women’s soccer, luckily I had a good “Succeeded in scoring a goal; historic for me and the club,” stressed Manuela Venegas.

The defender reiterated that her position does not limit her in the search for goals and that is why she takes advantage of any opportunity she gets in her team, as it is also part of a personal goal that she pursues as an athlete. Determines.

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Although the start of the season was a bit difficult while he adapted to the team’s plan, since the end of last year he has entered a dynamic situation that has highlighted his level.

“Happy because I can add a lot of minutes, because I can contribute my best to the team, of course, I can also
Contribute with goals,” he said.

Manuela Venegas in the Colombian national team

The Colombian national team will play the Gold Cup starting on February 21, so Manuela Venegas will play against Granada this weekend and on Monday she will travel to join the training camp.

“For those of us who are in Europe, it is a bit linked to the competition in Spain, but I will finish on Sunday. It is the last game I play with Real Sociedad. We play against Granada and On Monday I will travel to Colombia to join the call. Obviously, with the excitement of this Gold Cup, which is the first tournament of the year that prepares us for the Olympic Games and also marks the history that we want to mark. Are,” he concluded.

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