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Thursday, May 6, 2021

Many businesses in Maharashtra under the guise of Corona, police ‘recovering’ migrant workers returning home

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In Maharashtra, there are frequent cases of earning by taking advantage of the second generation of corona generated by the second wave. Migrant laborers returning home on Maharashtra police Charge of recovery have put. 15 days in state Curfew The workers are forced to return to their homes due to the imposition.

A taxi driver Told, “Livelihood problems have arisen after the curfew was imposed. We are returning to our homes. Last year too, we returned to our homes during the lockdown. But after the situation improved, we came back again. Like last year, this year also the police is extorting from us. ”

Similarly, Sanaullah Khan, a migrant laborer returning from Maharashtra Told, “We are coming from Pune. A bus took 2500-3000 rupees from us. On the Maharashtra border, we were asked to get off the bus and sit in two vehicles. We were also ignored by the police and transport department people at the border check point. ”

More than 50 migrant laborers in two jeeps were seen near the Indore bypass, which was going to Jabalpur. These people were rescued by the Rau police station of Indore with the help of an NGO.

Philanthropist Shailesh Kumawat Told, “Apart from eating and resting here, doctors and medicines have also been arranged. We also seek help from the hospital if required. The workers who come here are tired. So with the help of the local police, we have made some arrangements for them. ”

On Tuesday (April 13), the Uddhav Thackeray government of Maharashtra ordered the imposition of section 144 to prevent the growing infection of the corona virus in the state. This move of the government created an atmosphere of panic among the laborers living in Maharashtra. After this, these laborers left Maharashtra and started moving towards their states.

Earlier it was reported that many tour and travel operators in Mumbai are giving negative reports of Kovid 19 for Rs 300 to the people. according to the report, Many are forced to return to their homes following restrictions such as lockdown in Mumbai. Several states have made the Kovid-19RT-PCR negative report mandatory for those returning from Maharashtra. Taking advantage of this compulsion of the people, the people of Tour and Travels have started a new business. Here they provide a negative report of the corona to the passengers for Rs 300, that too without any tests.

It has also come to the fore that BMC officials are helping the people coming from outside countries at the Mumbai International Airport to take them out of the airport by taking 10-12 thousand rupees instead of keeping them in mandatory quarantine for 7 days. Mid-day revealed BMC officers were deployed at the airport to ensure a 7-day quarantine of passengers coming from the most affected countries of the corona, such as Britain, Europe, Middle East and South Africa, but the officials asked them to exchange money Taxes are leaving them.

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