Marathon beats Genesis without breaking a sweat and boosts confusion

Marathon beats Genesis without breaking a sweat and boosts confusion

San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

The Green Monster sealed league records that are synonymous with victory every time they face Genesis FC and that was confirmed this Thursday. An impressive 3–0 win took them up to second place. Marathon is on fire, 7 points in three days confirms this based on good football and great performances from reinforcements.

And everything was on display from the 5th minute when Damin Ramirez converted a free kick straight into a missile into the corner, where goalkeeper Gerson Argueta decorated the images with his flight. The midfielder’s shot to celebrate 1-0 at the Yankel Rosenthal Stadium was unstoppable.

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After finding the bucket of cold water the woodpeckers woke up but in front of them they found themselves again on the wall with the name: Cesar Samudio. Oscar Padilla, Roberto Moreira and Machuca Ramirez all had shots on goal, but the Panamanian was excellent.

When the visitors were playing at their best, there was a lethal counterattack in which the left-handed batsmen combined to attack. Alexi Vega passed the ball to Cristian Sacaza, who saw it well placed by Chino López, but the former Motagua player enabled Vega who fired a missile straight into the net to make it 2–0. Green enthusiasm at 29 minutes.

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But before going to the break, Clavin Zuniga allowed a third to escape in incredible fashion by wasting a one-on-one against goalkeeper Gerson Argueta. The scorer extended the pass and missed in his attempt to score.

Samudio’s tapas performance continued into the cool Sampedrana afternoon and drew applause from the stands. The party continued with Sacaza’s explosiveness, he crossed, but it took Sergio Pena’s turn on goal and it was a devastating 3-0.

In addition to being tied on 7 points with Real España, Monstruo Verde was overtaken by Real Sociedad in the Clausura tournament by only three points, but the best goal difference is in favor of Purslane and it is the third in as many games against Genesis FC. It was victory. History of the Honduran National League.

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3- Marathon: Cesar Samudio; Felix Crisanto, Javier Rivera, Johnny Leverone, Javier Arriaga; Francisco Martínez, Damin Ramírez; Alexi Vega, Cristian Sacaza; Ivan Lopez, Clavin Zuniga.

Goals: Damin Ramirez (4′), Alexi Vega (30′) and Sergio Pena (AG)

0-Origin: Gerson Argueta; Jose Fiallos, Hilder Columbus, Steven Davila, Elmer Guity; Brian Acosta, Sergio Pena, Oscar Padilla, Lionel Casildo; Marlon Ramirez, Robert Moreira.