Marcela Touro was asked if Jorge Rial had seen him driving the intruders and his answer was as expected.

Very refreshed and relaxed, Taurus entered the studio to take V. flowers fromAnd on her first day as a cheerleader she wore a very sexy look, with a white dress on the body, and danced a lot of fun to the beat by Jennifer Lopez.

“We send a kiss to Flor, who is in Uruguay, on Monday he is definitely here and today we are not going to try to sink the ship,” said the panelists humorously.

“With you, who knows the most about the world of entertainment, Historic, most intrusive, Marcella Touro…”, was introduced by the announcer of the program America TV, Hector Rossi.

Today, Marcela Touro spoke with her former program partners, Adrian Pallares and Rodrigo Lucicho Partners in the show and he asks her how is her relationship with Jorge Rial, the symbol driver of the shipment and her bad relationship with her former panelists due to interference in various programs.

“Riel called you? Dolouis ventura?” He asked luli fernandez In a note he gave to the journalist show partner, “No. Neither does Luis, but I meet him all the time on Chanel,” he insisted without going into details.

in that moment Karina Evikolik He admired Marcella’s work and made a difference. “You can have a good second and shine the same, because otherwise it’s like if you’re not the driver, you’re nothing,” she said and the panelists agreed. ,I always said I was a good second to George. In previous years I said it because I felt it and obviously I decided it,” he said.

Fight between Jorge Rial and Marcella Toro

Vrishabha also told how his relationship with the current driver of Argentinean, “sight, I’m not angry. In fact no, except for the time when I also cried here on the radio,” he said, recalling the grueling crossing.

“I didn’t see what he said about me. I open a portal, I look at it and When I get angry I can be mad, angry and call savage Or to cry helplessly.