Marcelo Ebrard accuses Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis of racism

Marcelo Ebrard accuses Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis of racism

The presidential candidate of the ruling party in Mexico, Marcelo Ebrard, has strongly criticized US presidential candidate Ron de Santis’ threats to shoot anyone found to be a drug dealer on his southern border and accused him of racism.

The former Mexican foreign minister also argued that if Mexico dared to keep its promises, it would have to sever ties with the United States, with enormous economic and social damage.

“Mexico is the main partner of the United States, which means that Mexico has the most important manufacturing and service base in the world and this will only increase due to the relocation of companies (…) that you send with the armed forces or others. “Drones It’s like blowing up your own economic system,” Ebrard added in the final days ahead of the poll that will determine who the National Regeneration Movement (Morena) candidate for Mexico’s presidency is.

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This weekend, Florida Governor and United States presidential candidate Ron DeSantis said his immigration policy was to shoot anyone who looks like a drug dealer and classify drug and human trafficking as terrorism in order to send troops into technology on the Mexican side of the border.

Ebrard, speaking at a public event in northern Mexico, noted that the Florida governor was “very restless” about the process of succeeding the US presidency and that he was occupying positions that were difficult to fill as a result.

He also blamed the United States for the development of fentanyl and questioned the Florida government’s lack of action on today’s major addiction problem.

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“The governor is campaigning and trying to win votes for the Republican party, which is the most conservative.” (…) They have dealt with a lie by repeatedly accusing Mexico of creating fentanyl, which is an absolute one lie,” he said.

He added that fentanyl is manufactured in the United States because of a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval to a pharmaceutical company that is allowed to sell the drug at every corner.

The candidate, running for President Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s party in the June 2024 presidential election, believed that Americans cannot give in to a candidate who dared to introduce racist bills.

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“All racism must be rejected because it leads to brutality and despair, and DeSantis knows that,” he said.

For his part, the former Mexican diplomat spoke about the fire at the premises of the National Institute for Migration in this border town, which killed 40 migrants, and assured that “the first thing is that there is no impunity”.

He pointed out that investments in immigration policies are needed, as well as deepening cooperation with the US and implementing solutions to the immigration crisis in the North American region, such as the nearly 900,000 visa permits that will be issued this year.


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