Marco Chiropractic welcomes Dr. Greg DeNunzio | HEALTH

 Marco Chiropractic welcomes Dr.  Greg DeNunzio |  HEALTH

Marco Chiropractic Clinic is pleased to welcome Dr. Greg DeNunzio in treating patients with Dr. Sarah Chester-Hansell. Started by Dr. Sarah started her practice in Marco Island in 2015 and now collaborates with Dr. Greg to continue serving patients efficiently and effectively in Marco’s growing environment.

Individualized treatment plans and compassionate, caring experiences have always been a hallmark of Marco Chiropractic Clinic and will continue as Dr. Sarah and Dr. Greg shares similar chiropractic treatment styles and philosophies.

Dr. Greg DeNunzio is a licensed Doctor of Chiropractic with over 28 years of clinical experience. Dr. got Greg has his DC degree from Northwestern Health Sciences University, has a BS degree in Mechanical Engineering, an MS degree in Exercise Science, and a Master’s in Health Science in Functional & Integrative Nutrition. He became Chief of Staff in a 3D-biomechanics lab, managed multidisciplinary clinics, and values ​​working with healthcare providers in other disciplines to provide the best care to his patients. He is an expert in movement, injury prevention, rehabilitation, and performance.

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Since Marco Chiropractic Clinic treats local, seasonal and vacationing patients, if an individual has a sudden injury, Dr. Greg on why they need to get help right away. “If we can fix an injury early, we can provide treatment before the body compensates and causes other issues. We can also give you instructions (stretching, exercise, etc.) for effective self-care to get you back to feeling good and functioning optimally so you can enjoy life in this beautiful place.

With a background in healthcare, fitness, nutrition, occupational health, and biomechanics, Dr. Greg is passionate about healing patients, and giving them the tools to feel and function better, focusing on chiropractic adjustments to improve the nervous system, and teaching patients vigorous exercise to help they can maintain their health and enjoy an active lifestyle.

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In addition, the wife of Dr. Greg will join Marco Chiropractic Clinic to assist with administrative and patient health needs.

If experiencing a new or old injury or just a desire to maintain your health, contact Marco Chiropractic Clinic at 291 S. Collier Blvd. #109, Marco Island; 239-394-7221.