Marco Rubio warns Venezuelan criminals to cross the border

Senator Marco Rubio warned of violent criminals entering the United States from Venezuelan prisons, following the publication of a report that assures Nicolás Maduro is setting them free to destabilize the nation.

“This is not the first time we have seen anti-American authoritarian Nicolas Maduro use his population as a weapon. He did the same against former Colombian President Ivan Duques., Nor is Maduro the first to adopt such a perverse strategy. During the Mariel Bridge, Fidel Castro emptied Cuban prisons and undermined American communities,” Rubio said in a statement.

The allegations by the Cuban-born Republican senator also point to the Bolivarian National Intelligence Service for possible involvement in the action, which takes place in the middle of a migration crisis along the southern border of the United States.

Similarly, he blamed President Joe Biden for the situation at the US border for implementing policies he described as “disastrous”, and for 900,000 since October 2020, according to Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) data. More than leaks.

“It won’t cost much for Venezuelan criminals to follow the same path,” Rubio warned.

Criticism against President Biden also pointed to the lack of guarantees that CBP has to identify criminals from Venezuela arriving in the country, because the verification process is done in a short period of time and Maduro would not give access to state prison records. ,

Rubio recalled that the leaders of Cuba and Nicaragua use mass migration to the United States to threaten border security.

“really, More Cubans have fled their homeland to the United States this year Compared to the entire Mariel Sea Bridge,” recalled the senator in his statement, who criticized the government of Miguel Diaz-Canel for maintaining totalitarian control over the country and “getting rid of troublemakers” to create more chaos.

Senator Rubio criticized Democrats for launching a crusade against Republicans instead of worrying about authoritarianism and questioned the country’s president for protecting civilians from murderers, drug and human traffickers who threaten the border. , even when Vice President Kamala Harris says she is safe .

“Reality paints a different picture. Reality reveals a wide-open border and a vast network of human traffickers benefiting from the abuse of vulnerable migrants. It shows that drug cartels are fueling the worst overdose crisis in history. Huh.” And now, it reveals violent criminals deliberately released by a dictatorial regime to infiltrate and destabilize the United States.”

Finally, along with other members of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, he called for a formal assessment and elimination of large-scale migration trends. Biden policies that encourage crime and anarchy in the region.

He concluded, “This is reprehensible, unfair and dangerous. It must end. Both our politicians and the media must pay attention to the border.”

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