Marcos Rojo’s poisonous dart to Marcelo Gallardo after Boca Juniors’ victory against River Plate

Boca Juniors beat River Plate and fully engage in the fight for the championship, However, in addition to the three key points he achieved at Bombonera against his long-time rival, which allowed him to position himself just two units from the top, the victory allowed many Zenises’ figures to respond. Marcelo Gallardowho left a spicy phrase in the last one.

“In these matches, the stages change, beyond what others have experienced in the past. Today it shows us in a different way, because there are more players who are going to come into the game and we like, We feel comfortable going to the Boca areaIt encourages us to go to his court and play against his fans”, Doll said at the press conference before Superclassico.

Undoubted, Boca players remembered this Juniors, who returned “gestures” at the end of the match. red frame was one of them and in addition to sharing a subtle image on the social network where he placed “Pure Art”While he appears together with seven companions hanging over the fence, with the further lamentation of the people at River Plate, she also answers him over the microphone.

The defender remembered the millionaire’s coach’s suggestive phrase in the previous one and didn’t let it pass after the victory at Bombonera

“How did you perceive Gallardo’s statements that you feel comfortable going to Bombonera?” He asked the captain, who did not hesitate and launched a poisoned dart: “No, we are calm. I don’t know why they feel comfortable, they’ve never won since I’ve been here. Everything went on as normal.”

Rojo also analyzed the game and noted his expulsion at the end after a brutal kick to Nicolas de la Cruz: “It was an important game, a classic in our house after a long time with all the guys. We did this. Turned winning the match on its head because it was important to the tournament. We have to celebrate it with the people who deserve it more than anyone.

Marcos Rojo's publication after Boca Juniors' victory against River Plate
Marcos Rojo’s publication after Boca Juniors’ victory against River Plate

“It was red? It was right, they knocked me out in the last play. I was a bit sore outside, but luckily it passed quickly. I went to the fence to celebrate the goal as everyone got up and yellow Could get the card, but it was up to the whole team in that case. I still got down quickly, hey,” said the defender.

cask Benedettowhich broke its drought, in addition to dedicating the target to all critics, also created a space for Gallardo to respond subtle irony, “I was not surprised by the match. River, they play well and feel comfortable when they come here to play. But nothing, we played the game we had to do, knowing we had our opponents in front of us and that we were fair winners”.

Meanwhile, Juan Roman rekelme He also remembered the River Plate coach: “When they come to Bombonera they know they will be at a loss.” And he added confidently: “A new barbecue is being prepared today because We believed we would win.”

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