Margot Robbie talks about not getting an Oscar nomination for 'Barbie'

Margot Robbie talks about not getting an Oscar nomination for 'Barbie'

A few days ago he revealed 2024 Oscar nominees, The most nominated film is “Oppenheimer” and many expected Margot Robbie to star in it. Received Best Actress nomination for “Barbie” However, it was not so.

Additionally, the director of “Barbie” Greta Gerwig wasn’t even nominated, so on social networks Many criticized the Oscars and Ryan Gosling, who was nominated for Best Supporting Actor. Showed his support towards Margot Robbie and Greta.

Margot Robbie reacts to Oscar insult

Margot Robbie did not release No comment on this matter, but the actress recently came forward At the SAG-AFTRA panel where he was asked about the 2024 Oscar nominations.

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According to variety, Margot Robbie isn’t sad about not being nominated.

“There’s no way to be sad when you’re so blessed.”

For its part, TMZ noted that Margot Robbie had said that He would have liked to see Greta Gerwig nominated In the Best Director category.

“I think Greta should have been nominated, because what she has done is something that only happens once in someone’s lifetime, in their career. “He really.”

Although he and Greta Gerwig were not nominated, The actress said she is proud of what she achieved with “Barbie”.

“I think what we have done is bigger than us, bigger than the film or the industry.”

Finally, Margot Robbie reflected on the message they managed to convey through the film.

“We set out to do something that will change the culture, that will impact the culture, that will have some kind of impact. And it has already done so, and more than we could have dreamed of. And that’s really the greatest reward that can come from all this,”


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