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Maria Eugenia Rito’s new life after recovering from addictions and overcoming depression: “I feel like I have died and been reborn”

She was one of the most popular vedets of the late ’90s, worked with the most iconic Capocomikos and shone in theater and on television. But few years back he got separated, he had some personal problems, he got into depression and he moved away from medium. “I live to tell the story”, Maria delivers to Eugenia Rito, who feels full today and goes back to work.

in an intimate conversation with CountryIn which sometimes weeps and laughs at others, Rito opens his heart and talks about the difficult separation from her ex-husband, Marcelo Salinas, the moments of darkness she was immersed in and the times she was submergedBut it is also the force that drives him to move forward, the faith in God and the loving memory of his parents.

In a few days, she is going to put a gastric balloon to lose weight, which she is very excited about. ,The last thing I did on television was ‘Dancing for a Dream’ in 2014 and a year later in theater i like your tail, in the season of Mar del Plata. Then I fell apart and that was a break in my life. i feel like i died and did it again”, gets excited.

Rito prepares to go back to work

,I don’t want to talk about drugs, because that’s all. I had a conflicting separation that I am not going to say anything about the two as we are still closing some things about the divorce, everything is going well and all that is left is to work out the details. to finalize, I have good vibes, good hopes and I hope the same happens on the other side. And I want to say that when I got married I was very happy and today I feel I did a lot better and later I understood other things. The duel is over, I want to recover, go back to work”, he remarked.

– What did you do to heal yourself?

A great inner work, healing, and I am also a great believer. My mother was a nun, she fell in love with my father, gave up her habits and started working in a family household. She was Paraguayan and studied, but after leaving the convent she worked as a domestic worker. I lost it when I was little. With my dad, who also died when I was very young, they were thirty years apart. I told my mother that I wanted to be a nun, a dancer and an actress. What a mambo the girl had! (laughs).

-Have the memory of your parents helped you grow?

My parents are my strength and my engine. And God. He is my guardian angel who watches over me and takes care of me, I have my streaks, but I am a good person. And I feel the good energy of people, because although I haven’t been in the middle for a long time, they do notice me. Now I live with a friend who has come from Paraguay and who is a great support and helps me with styling and social networks, Heber Zelya. She is my little angel on earth. I also have a sister, and my family has always been unconditional. We are so different, we were in a fight once, but we are very close and I love him. I had many friends with me.

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What else inspired you to break out of the darkness you’ve lived in in recent years?

– the desire to recover, the desire to return to work. Addiction will always be there, because it is. It’s ‘just for today’ every day and I come very well. Today I want and I can. I had so many ugly moments, I was sad, lying in bed And could not run away from there. I consider myself more than resilient because there are very few people who die, or who have serious health problems. And I’m fine, I’m a little overweight and have some cholesterol, but I’m fine, healthy,

– you’re going to wear a gastric balloonHow do you prepare?

– I am going to wear it in the first week of August. This is not a surgery, but a procedure that they perform through an ultrasound. You have to take a pill which is then swelled in the stomach and the treatment lasts for six months. It makes you hungry, you have to go on diet, not drink alcohol, live a healthy life. In my case it is regaining good life habits. I have already started training and I go to the gym every day. I’ve been preparing for a few weeks, taking a gastric protector, and I’ve done a lot of reading. At the first endoscopy he told me I can’t put the balloon in because I have a hiatal hernia, I need to go on a diet, lose a little weight and it got better, so now I’m ready for treatment, which is life changing. There isn’t much.

Did you feel like you hit rock bottom?

,I feel like I have died and been reborn. I have no doubt, I am back. I am excited because I am very happy. I want to go back to work, I built my career on my own, and he paid me for everything: production, costume, dancer. I was always a great worker, I was 12 years old with my husband, between cohabitation and marriage. At that time I decided not to have children because nowadays girls recover quickly, but I had a lot of work, I started with one thing and followed another non-stop.

Did you regret that decision?

– He wanted to, but I didn’t. It was my decision and I don’t regret it. I talked about it a lot in therapy. I focused on my career and then I started having addictions and the passage of time. I am not ashamed to tell what I experienced, because shame is murder and theft and I did nothing wrong, in any case I harmed myself and so I became emotional. Today I want to move on. I trained, I took singing, dancing, acting classes with Julio Chavez, with Raul Serrano, with Carlos Evaristo, I did fiction, theater.

– Who gave you the first chance?

-Daniel Roncoli, a journalist who somehow opened the doors of this world for me. And also Marcelo Olmedo, the son of the Negro. I met him in a recording studio, where he was the secretary, several announcers, jingle singers. I wanted to be an artist since I was little, I told my mom that I wanted to work in miss teacher, I’m also a physical education teacher, I taught at a gym, I worked in a shopping mall, I was a receptionist at a solarium, a waitress, a water brand promoter, I attended a bakery, I was a runner And I took orders. In ’98 I entered the field shortly after the death of my mother, it was a very difficult time. Olmedo introduced me to Hugo Sofovich and Emilio DiCi, I told them that I danced, that I sang and that it was all a lie because I didn’t know how to do anything at the time; I formed later.

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-Nunka Pilot…

– In ’99 I did rompeportones, And when I went to “Ballando…” I took classes in tango, jazz, classical, hip hop, even acrobatics. I was in the best theaters of Corrientes, Carlos Paz and Mar del Plata streets. I worked with Chichilo Vial, Jorge Corona, Nieto Artaza, Carmen Barberi, Sergio Gonal, El Negro Alvarez, Raul Lavi, Valeria Lynch, Patricia Sosa, Juan Carlos Copes, Antonio Gasla. I did for Sebastian Ortega, for the Borenzstein brothers, for Polka, I had a certain character dad’s secrets, I am very much indebted to Ghasalla because he was demanding a lot and I like to demand from me, I made an effort and grew a lot. I was always very professional, I arrived two hours before the theater, I stretched, I prepared my voice, everything was double when I had a problem: double boot, double shell, double wig. And then there was a break, something that happened to my husband, but I don’t want to talk about it. And everything changed. It was not infidelity, there was no third party. The separation was by mutual consent.

Maria Eugenia Ritos
Maria Eugenia Ritos

did you fall in love again?

I had the misfortune to go out with a guy with whom I had very ugly moments, I faced gender-based violence, aggression. It was very difficult for me to get out of that toxic relationship because I had fallen in love. I was depressed, I was admitted to the hospital a couple of times, I got treated. Sometimes I don’t have a handle. I couldn’t work, I couldn’t get out of bed, much less train (cries). It hurts a lot, but I keep fighting with it. There comes a time when you don’t want to know anything else, the body cannot stand before you. And I don’t want to go through it anymore and I don’t want to waste a minute without looking at the sun. I watched the darkness for a long time, and I was left with light. Luckily I can tell.

-And in these seven years when you did not work in the media, were you able to support yourself financially?

Luckily I had some savings and many friends helped me. I will be fine soon and go back to work. I’ve had a few magazines over the summer, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to recover. I’m going to come back not as a star but as a figure, because I’ve already shown the tail and lola, now let’s do the others. What I am going to do is do productions for the Divas play platform, which is a job like any other, you make money and everyone does it today, even the great Hollywood figures. How many times have I been nude for free, why not now that they give me money (laughs).

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