Marvel gambled with ‘Iron Man’: the film was a success in 2008 but it could lead them to ruin.


Iron Man It was Marvel’s 2008 salvation, but it could also turn out to be the publishing house and entertainment company’s biggest defeat. The film, which gave rise to a colossal universe of films and series that became synonymous with the success Hollywood, was successful at the box office but Marvel gambled. It was a big bet on the part Robert Downey Jr. and Jon Favreau, the protagonist and director of the film, as well as the company itself, which required a monstrous financial loan to move forward. Now thanks to Brian Michael Bendis Marvel screenwriter and own name in the industry, We know what risks were taken at that time more than 15 years ago.

Marvel put its extensive catalog of comics as collateral to get the loan brought forward Iron Man: a film that saved him from ruin but could have gone wrong

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Through an interview with Inversewhere 15 years of Iron Man as a film are reviewed and to what extent it has led Marvel to the success it enjoys today thanks to its audiovisual products, the famous comic writer. Brian Michael Bendis remember how he collaborated on the film’s script and how Nick Fury’s famous post-credits scene was created, something that will change the landscape of Hollywood forever.

In the interview, reveals just how many risks Marvel took to make the blockbuster directed by Robert Downey Jr. that ended up being, confirmed that they even took advantage of all the catalogs of support and endorsement to ensure the financing of the production. “Marvel used their entire library and catalog as support to get a bank loan do Iron Man. If it worked, great. If the movie failed for any reason, the bank became the owner of Marvel. So we got down to business,” concluded Bendis.

Yes, to this day, it is difficult to imagine the world of the most commercial cinema without the Marvel Cinematic Universe and how Iron Man ended up changing everything. It was a risky idea in those turbulent months, because for many, Tony Stark was a B-list Marvel character, not a titular superhero like Spider-Man or Captain America, far in terms of popularity in co- his fellow stars. the bullets. If we add to this the fact that Marvel needed help from Paramount and Sony to produce and distribute, and that the director was Jon Favreau, who did not have much experience at the time, many rushed to predict a failure in theaters. It was not. Kevin Feige thinks that choosing Downey is the biggest risk at Marvel Studios -especially considering his previous career-, but it was the right decision: an actor born for the role. And the rest, as they say, is history.

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