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Masleton lashes out against Maratha: “I saw him brokering politics”

Advocate Carlos Maselton Controversy with influencer resurfaced Santi Maratha and said: “I had a fight with him a few months ago because I saw him half a pimp from politics: ‘I am good, politicians are bad’. i don’t like that speech,

in his role as a panelist for The C5N is hard to tameMaselton gave his opinion on the subject he was dealing with on the air: the presence of the influencer in Them and the debate on the collection. “Two months already charged, the same goes on account of final settlement. But not reaching the collection objectives, it was dead,” the counsel analyzed.

Furthermore, he recalled when he had argued with Maratía over the 400-million-peso property that Maximo Kirchner had declared two years earlier, and asserted:I saw him as a baseless informer And, moreover, he now took a third of what he raised and did not evaluate it in real, dollar terms. Nothing is a million today, I’m sorry. Don’t be mad at me, but a million pesos is a small amount of money, Because it was liquidated by inflation. A thousand bill is equal to two dollars,” Maselton explained.

Carlos Maselton, Maximo Kirchner And Santiago Maratea

In this way, he came to the same conclusion as a few months earlier: “He wanted to make up the demographics with the numbers, that’s what I told him”, recalled the lawyer, who believes that Maratha “has a social message to scare people”.

In communication with Perfil, only three months earlier, Maselton declared that “everything he says about politics, about expenses, about profits, is all wrong, because he has no idea of ​​the numerical dimensions of things.” There is no sense.”

The discussion between Maselton and Maratea in which Maximo Kirchner was as an excuse

In late February, Masalton interrogated Maratha for criticizing the inheritance announced by the vice president’s son of 400 million pesos. “He doesn’t know numbers, he doesn’t know how to calculate, he has no sense of the dimension of things and 400 rods is too few,” the liberal affirmed.

“Don’t treat us as assholes, dear Musleton, 400 million is too little if you’ve worked a lifetime. For someone who has never worked, 400 million is a big deal. Adult gentlemen who still live away from their mothers, I know very few, they are all pitiful”, was Maratia’s response.

Crossing Between Santiago Maratea And Carlos Maselton

Crossing Between Santiago Maratea And Carlos Maselton

The response was blunt: “Maratia, you learn to do the math, it’s 1 green stick,” Musleton tweeted. There the tone of conversation began to rise: “And it seems small to you? Give them to me, I can help a lot of kids pay for their medical treatment. Now I also understand why your friends steal without guilt, a green stick looks short to them and they don’t have the same work culture as anyone else”, Maratia retorted, currently working at his Criticized for keeping a percentage of what it collects in the collection.

Crossing Between Santiago Maratea And Carlos Maselton

“Maratia, your belief that the poor are poor because the rich took their money is communist nonsense. Global wealth expands and contracts and one’s gain is not another’s loss. Leave Marxism aside because you are with the archive Going to work hard,” replied the generous reference.

“Ah, look how interesting, Che, and all the economics books you’ve read haven’t taught you that stealing is wrong? Then explain to me what you want, let’s talk about communism and capitalism Let’s talk, but don’t use your studies to justify your friends who steal, don’t stoop so low Carlitos”, Maratia replied.

Maselton reiterates the condition: “You put that stolen thing in, as for me your accusations of Kirchnerism are similar. But that’s how you operate, one democracy on top of another, you think you’re someone else’s.” You are the savior of humanity with the money, but public opinion is hunting you down. Set up your collections, but don’t run properly.

Maximo Kirchner, the protagonist of a strong cross between Santiago Maratía and Carlos Maselton

Therefore, the influencer replied: “The one who started taking my name to defend Maximo Kirchner was you, don’t be a victim of the Queen anymore and if you’re going to end up crying, better put your Don’t open your mouth.”

Without waiting for an answer, Maratia charmed Musalton again and insisted: “On the other hand, Musalton, I know you know about crypto, the dollar, and big numbers, but do you know that milk How much does it cost? A packet of rice? Don’t pretend that you have the dimension of everything, just because you are a millionaire and you know how to invest, lower the king tone”.

Crossing Between Santiago Maratea And Carlos Maselton

“Yeah, loco, you have to narrow down the demographics. Your social speech works to create panic and scare people. Your message is a promotional hoax with nominal and real numbers. You want to scare with ‘millions’ and one million is already too little. Index the brain, ”the lawyer replied.

Crossing Between Santiago Maratea And Carlos Maselton

“The only ones who are afraid are your friends who stole money that should go to town, but what I do is give hope to a lot of other people. And, on the other hand, Carlitos, the problem here is not how much money your friend has. Well, the problem is he can’t explain how he got it,” Maratia tweeted.

Crossing Between Santiago Maratea And Carlos Maselton

Finally, the influential man, who received no further response, questioned Muscleton again and said: “And if you like, Carlos Muscleton, we can do a comparison between my work and your friends, to see whether Who is more transparent and honest. Don’t want to run me, I will run you and those you defend. I repeat, bring down Tonito King”.


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