Master K faces 12 years in prison


Justine wanted to commit suicide in April 2021. Fortunately, she changed her mind when her tormentor, Koceila Louali, was arrested that month. The women, who are sometimes broken but full of courage, testified on Friday to share their experiences about the terrible crimes of Master K, who risked 12 years in prison.

“It is complete now. But I had so many psychological and physical consequences. I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to go back to a normal life,” Justine told the court. In the crowded Montreal courtroom, tears streamed down everyone’s cheeks. Koceila Louali is not afraid of this adversity.

“He is dangerous, and he finds ways to exploit women to his advantage. He is a misogynist, and for him, women are not equal. We are made to be used. I fear for all the women who cross his path, ”said Zoé, another victim.

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Zoé wants to speak out to protect the place of sex workers, often “damaged” by society, in her opinion. “I was hurt by the stigma in society. We feel that we don’t have access to justice,” he said,while praising the investigators in the case.

“I became a product. Koceila Louali is an excellent manipulator,” testified Lucie, who suffers from depression and anxiety.

The pimp and pedophile Koceila Louali has ruined the lives of many women. Thanks also to the courage of 21 women who criticized him on the web, this predator stopped operating. He pleaded guilty in August to several charges.

For years, Master K reigned over the dark side of the sex industry. His story is worthy of a thriller or a Hollywood film. Having become almost blind, he ended his career as a researcher at Radio-Canada in the 2000s to found two sexual service agencies.

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His first agency, the private libertine club Le Rubicon, specialized in “gang bangs.”. Koceila Louali organizes about three per week. Some large “Roman” orgies hold up to 150 men. A handful of women were thrown out. Often, they are unaware of the magnitude of the phenomenon.

His second agency, Carte Blanche, specializes in “fantasies made by fantasists,” leading to extreme sex acts, some of which few sex workers agree to perform. We learned in the release of the inquiry that Louali subjected women to highly degrading sexual acts.

Koceila Louali continued her perversion: she committed sexual acts against a 7-year-old girl, delivered by her mother, who was sentenced to six years in prison. In a consensual relationship of dominance, Koceila Louali treats the mother like a slave, all in front of the child.

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The lawyers presented a joint proposal of 12 years in prison. However, the parties are still debating the issue of time spent on preventive maintenance. A hearing is scheduled for the end of December on this topic.

I Delphine Mauger represented the public prosecutor, while Giuseppe Battista and Me Laurence Juillet defended the accused.

*Fictitious names to protect the identity of the victims

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