Match Summary: Herediano vs. Toluca (1-2). Target

 Match Summary: Herediano vs. Toluca (1-2).  Target

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Mexico City / 02/07/2024 19:10:59

Renato Paiva warned that Toluca were going to play with their best team when they arrived in Costa Rica, although he never warned that he would make many changes and the Red Devils once again showed that they are at an important level to the extent that They had no trouble defeating Herediano 2–0 in the first round of the CONCACAF Champions Cup.

With some adjustments to the starting lineup, including the introduction of Juan Escobar in defense, the Devils scored two goals at the Alejandro Moreira Stadium and although there could have been at least two more, they managed to win 2–1. are. Get started inside the CONCACAF Tournament.

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Controlling the ball and not feeling the pressure of playing on the road, Toluca scored thanks to defender Federico Pereira who put him ahead on the scoreboard. The defender tried his long-range shot and managed to put the ball against the post, only for the goalkeeper to make the match 1–0.

Before the end of the first half, Volpi cleared the ball from his hands to Carlos Orrantia, who had the second best chance of the game. The midfielder took the ball into an area where there was only one defender in front of him. But he decided to fire and he fired so far that the option was missed.

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To those games we must add the goal of Roberto Morales, who made it 2-0 with a header in the area that practically secured the victory. Then came a play from Alexis Vega that ended in the back of the net, but the goalscorer's goal did not count because it was offside.

Expulsion condemned Herediano

Herediano was a victim of his own mistakes as when he tried to start the game with intensity, John Jairo Ruiz was sent off and made easy work of the Reds. This also included their failure to score both goals and only midfielder Dever Vega could equalize for his team.

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The Red Devils managed to make the first push in the tie and now they will try to close the pass in the Round of 16 on February 15 at the Nemesio Díaz Stadium, a place where Herediano finds it difficult to return, especially by performing. His football shortcomings at home in Costa Rica.

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