Maximum amount received from United States to Colombia

Photo: Nequi

No one P has become one of The most successful financial platform and favorite by Colombians And proof of this is its more than 18 million users who use it daily.

And the features of this platform are given to its users Other banks do not offer such facilities when it comes to depositing your money and controlling your finances, Because from there you can make all types of payments He has only a cell phone at his disposal.

Among the services offered by the platform are Cell phone recharge, payment of public services, payment of entertainment platforms, catalog sales, transfers and even the possibility of receiving money from abroad.

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The latter is usually one of the most used services, however, it is important to know that the platform has some Limit on the maximum amount of funds that can be taken into account.

It should be noted that, to send money from the United States, this is done by a NECI affiliated remittance company, so the person who is in the United States should look for the RIA Money Transfer headquarters and thus send their dollars. This may or may also be done by transfer to the company’s website.

What is the maximum amount that can be received from the United States?

The amount of money you can receive depends on the Nequi account you have, as the platform gives Possibility to get other benefits by paying only $15,000 once.

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If your account has limits on how much money you can withdraw It depends on the balance available with you, But, on the contrary, if there are no restrictions, the amount varies depending on the rules that the platform must follow, as each bank sets its own income limits.

Thus, the maximum amount A person can keep $9,280,000 in his account or about $2,400 per month.

Also remember that the platform does not charge handling fees, minimum balance or other commissions, but it does charge 4×1,000 tax.


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