Maxus D60 and D90, two new reinforcements were brought to the field

Max 8

Two new examples join the Maxus catalogue, a pair of SUVs with three rows of seats but aimed at different audiences; one of them has 4WD drive and a differential lock.

The Chinese manufacturer Maxus has announced a new product strategy, a path that will lead it to other market segments, that of SUVs more precisely, where it creates a game of words that shows what its objectives: MaxSUV.

Max 8

In fact, Maxus launched a double attack, adding to its line two new products specially developed to meet the demands of large families, of users looking for more interior space in form of three rows of seats. .

The first new one is called D60, and it is an SUV that measures 4.7 meters in length. Its construction is monocoque type and it has front-wheel drive, decisive data when it comes to differentiating it from the second model revealed… which we will talk about later.

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Max 5

The D60 shows a simple exterior design adjusted to the aesthetic parameters that we see, for example, in the Euniq 6, except that the D60 has a perforated mask because its drivetrain is hot and not electrical. In its wide wheel arches we do not find 19″ two-tone wheels, highlighting a small use of black resin that highlights the entire plinth.

At the back there is a horizontal light bar, a large door that allows us to access the cargo compartment – 941 liters with two rows in use – and an attractive decoration that gives prominence to the bumper; A successful aesthetic resource is the two exhaust nozzles.

Max 11

For this model, a 1.5-liter turbo gasoline engine was chosen that deploys a maximum power of 185 hp and 285 Nm of torque, linked to a DCT7 automatic transmission. In terms of safety, from four to six airbags, blind spot monitor, ABS+EBD brakes, stability control, Hill Assist, 360° vision camera (with 10” screen) and Isofix anchors, among other things, announced.

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The Maxus D60 is available in two versions, Elite and Luxury, with an unsubsidized price of $20,990,000 and $22,990,000, respectively.

Max 3

The second launch is the D90, an amazing specimen that measures five meters in length and whose quadriform body is on an independent chassis. Despite its size, it is very agile on the off-road route, because it has a differential with three levels of locking, and 4WD traction with 2H, 4H and 4L modes. in use, as well as electronic modes to deal with sand and snow.

In the cabin, this SUV offers a 12.3” touch screen with access to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto platforms, 12 speakers and ambient lighting adjustable in 64 shades, among other features designed to please travelers. In safety, the proposal starts with six airbags, ABS + EBD brakes, to continue the mandatory stability control, and with a complete ADAS package… where we find autonomous braking, adaptive cruise control, blind spot monitor, pedestrian detector. traffic and lane departure warning.

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Max 4

The powertrain is more interesting, because a 2.0-liter biturbo diesel engine is announced linked to a 48-volt electric motor, a mild hybridization system that allows us to have 218 hp and 500 Nm of torque; The transmission is an eight-speed automatic.

The D90 is available in three trim levels: Elite, Luxury and Flagship. Prices, without discounts, range from $34,990,000 to $39,990,000. For this model, a monthly sale of 15 units is expected.