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Maya Calendar 2022: What is a ‘day out of time’ and what rituals to do with it

The synchronometer or Maya calendar is a way of living our time based on natural cycles: synchronicity. solar-moon-galactic, The “Day Out of Time” celebrated on July 25 is part of this tool.

Every 26 July begins the Synchronometer or Maya New Year; and ends with “Day Out of Time”, which is celebrated on July 25 of the following year. It is a day of meditation and awareness of the new cycle that is re-opening.

What is a “day out of time” and what can we do?

The Galactic Mayon Synchronometer Is A Time System Based On Natural Cycles.  Photo: Illustration Shutterstock.

The Galactic Mayon Synchronometer is a time system based on natural cycles. Photo: Illustration Shutterstock.

What is Maya Calendar or Galactic Maya Synchronary?

Maya Galactic Synchronometer It is a system of time based on natural cycles. it’s an eternal tool Solar/lunar/galactic synchronization.

es solar Because it considers the terrestrial cycle (365 days and nights) around the Sun. it is moon Because it considers the lunar cycle (28 days and nights) around the earth. it is galactic Because each year begins with the rise of Sirius, the brightest star in our sky, in the Pyramid of the Sun at Teotihuacan (July 26 at Gregorian).

Each year a cycle begins according to that seal and tone, that is, to that “oracle” that will determine the energy that will collectively accompany us, the earth and us, so much of it.

Its frequency changes every 13 days during the yearguides us into its lunar tone and solar seals, and synchronizing the energy available to all.

In The Maya Galactic Synchronometer The So-Called

The so-called “days out of time” in the Maya Galactic Synchronometer is a place of “no time”, an impulse to give in to that new cycle we know we have to create. Photo: Illustration Shutterstock.

What to do when “out of time”

The so-called “days out of time” in the Maya Galactic Synchronometer is a place of “no time”, an impulse to give in to that new cycle we know we have to create. It is recognized as a weekday seeking inner peace And recognizing world peace, culture and art, with the view that peace is what we deserve to live in and is achieved when we also recognize the part of the earth and thus care and respect it.

Following the Maya calendar is a decision to be aware that we are in constant interconnection with nature and its cycles.

It is also assuming that energy moves in a spiral And it allows us to live in relation to the available energy that is meant to transit into the new year.

Purpose of this day -whatever it is called green day”– es to thank What is lived and learned during the closing year, and thus is open to new experiences. Meditation and grounding are good practice for this.

this also open consciousness to the collective, for that big plan in which we are all involved. It is suggested to meet like-minded people and make all that connection. There are various meditations and shared prayers that can be done to unify the intention.

But the meaning is to provide strength, awareness and collective love at the beginning of this new phase, year and cycle.

Key To &Quot;Day Out Of Time&Quot; This Is Gratitude.  Photo: Illustration Shutterstock.

The key to this “day out of time” is gratitude. Photo: Illustration Shutterstock.

Thoughts with Maya “Out of Time”

meet for meditate, make art And celebrate with like-minded people who serve this purpose.

Personally, you can write thanks to lived experiences and imagine what you want to create in the future.

the key is close with gratitudeJoin the great mother where we rebuild ourselves and that power is the driving force to grow and live the new.

“Time is art” and this “day out of time” is the impulse of the heart to seek new time.

How to connect to Maya Synchronometer’s “time of day out”?

Here are some tips for “timed out” connections:

  • Introspection. Take as much of the day as possible to connect with the inner.
  • Meditation. Spending time in relation to nature. If that’s not concretely possible, do a meditation where you can do that scene.
  • intend. Intention creates energetic phenomena, combined with many souls that join forces that day to close and open a new chakra.
  • To thankDismiss, get new. Send love and protection to our earth/home.
  • celebrate. It is ideal to attend a festival if possible; If not, make the art of living the day as an exercise in creating the moment I want to manifest.

See “The 7 Direction Prayer” and “Parikrama Rainbow Meditation” for references to traditional prayer and meditation in ceremonies.

The important thing is to know that raising awareness and giving birth to that connection is already a movement of strength and initiation to this new cycle that begins for all.

So be it!

By Carla Battaglini, Initiator of the Maya Synchronometer, Reader of Celestial Records. On Instagram: @terapiasparaelalma12.

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