Maya Train employees close a company that refuses to pay them

Around 150 employees of Maya train of Kalkini-Izmal section 3 closed the facilities at the central offices. Azvi Railway CompanyIn protest because he was denied his payment for this fortnight, he extended his working hours without economic incentives and unfair dismissal.

Workers blocked access to the company’s plant, Tixpehua. is located inl, where the train rails of the federal government’s work are manufactured.

Workers’ representative Rubén Pérez Hough explained that the company does not honor a collective bargaining agreement, and Forces employees to work overtime with a payment of 35 pesos, while it should be 75 pesos per hour.

They assure that they do not have the necessary equipment such as hats, helmets, flaps against the sun, glasses and gloves for their work as “bracheros” in sections of the Maya train.

“They hired us to do the breach, but we now also support the disposal of archaeological remains with researchers from the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH),” said Rubén Perez.

They indicated that their departure time and one more day’s work had been extended, and that they were required to work Saturdays for the same pay, a position they did not consider appropriate.

The workers are asked to come without safety equipment, he said. “We have been asking for months for the things we need to enter the mountain with complete safety, because we are doing the same thing as INAH.

He explained that he was also promised hydration points, which are essential because of the temperature, which promises were not kept.


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