Mayor after car bomb attack

Mayor after car bomb attack

Last Friday, September 22, authorities offered a $70 million reward for information leading to those responsible for activating a car bomb that occurred in Potrerito, a rural area of ​​Jamundí, in the Valle de Cauca department , almost ten people were injured.

The mayor of Jamundí, Andrés Felipe Ramírez, declared his citizenship as a matter of course.”

The initial reward was $50 million, according to an announcement by General William Salamanca, the director of the National Police. However, the amount increased thanks to contributions from the mayor’s office.

In an interview with W. Fin de Semana, Ramírez referred to his request (which has not yet been approved) to include Jamundí in the list of municipalities in which peace talks are being held with the FARC dissidents.

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“Given the existing conflict, Jamundí is a “hinge” municipality that connects everything coming from Cauca and Nariño to the ports and has a strategic function in this corridor. “It cannot be ruled out that there will be violence, especially in our upper townships,” explained the mayor.

In addition, he reiterated the call to President Gustavo Petro that public forces should be present in the municipality: “I have strongly requested that the intelligence service, with all its technical mechanisms, be strengthened to be able to foresee these types of events, the capacity of the state.” with your information and to prevent the commission of these acts.”

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Likewise, Ramírez assured that on Monday, September 25, he would meet with Interior Minister Luis Fernando Velasco to consolidate a completely different agenda.

“The national government is trying and generous to sit down at the table and de-escalate the conflict, (but) there are some actors with archaic reactions from the 90s, when car bombs were planted in the cities.” They are wrong . In this country, in the midst of so much polarization, these groups outside the law must produce gestures of peace without affecting public authority and certainly not the civilian population. The state needs to move forward on territorial control, I think it has been quite generous,” he said.

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So far, ten people have been injured in the incident, one in serious condition, while two vehicles and five houses have been destroyed. The injured are being treated at the Jamundí Pilot Hospital.


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