Mayor's office gives $16.4 billion to honor the work of recyclers

A portion of the equipment distributed by the Mayor's Office.

The five associations are recognized under Law 142 of 1994 for their formalization and promotion of social inclusion, and are supported by District Mayor’s Office, presented to the mayor alex char After receiving economic incentives they acquired supplies and machinery that will allow them to improve daily operations of recycling or utilization of solid waste, especially during this carnival season.

District president Shared with 120 out of 831 recyclers Overall has been hit with new acquisitions for use in waste collection, weighing and classification activities, while announcing through its X account that it will increase the resources given to benefit more recyclers. .

“28 associations are already being coordinated. There are about 4,000 recyclers who already go door-to-door to separate waste, optimizing what can be developed later, whether it’s plastic, Be it iron, be it metal, be it cardboard, in short, there are many things that today we put them in bags and throw them away,” Char said.

The President further said: “We want to clear them with triple A so that they are pathways recognized by the big company, and no place is left unattended. There are many people here who need our hand, our contribution, our support, our recognition, so that “Don’t look at them as someone who walked in the door. No, I see them as great teachers. They have to educate people.”

In that sense, Mayor Char highlighted that the work they do is very important for the protection of the environment and the management of solid waste, because, in addition, they create social and civic awareness, so that Barranquilla residents There should be more participation.

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“They’re the people who take care of the water that you ultimately consume. These are the people who clean the air that you breathe permanently. They do a very good, very beautiful job, Which is very much connected to the reality of the world. And we, from the mayor’s office, with Triple A, with the public service team, we are going to give them full recognition, full support, so that their work multiplies and thus May they win in that task”, Char said.

A Portion Of The Equipment Distributed By The Mayor's Office.
Purchased equipment

With the incentive granted for the first time in Barranquilla, five associations acquired the following vehicles and equipment: 7 trucks with a capacity of more than 3.5 tons; 4 forklifts; 3 truck scales; 47 bicycles for its associated recyclers; 20 motorcars; 29 pieces of equipment (compactor, mill, binder, pelletizer, electric stacker, washing machine, others).

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These resources will quadruple by 2024, allocation will be $8.2 billion in the first semester And the same amount for the second semester also. To this end, the District will allocate that surplus to the incentives that Triple A collects on cleaning service bills.

On this subject the mayor said: “Since a subsidy is collected through the payment of cleaning, it is about 350 million pesos per month, what we are going to do is multiply it, so that they can have more and better equipment, more and better clothes , more and better protection, so that they can be recognized by society”.

Comprehensive care for professional recyclers

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Other actions and activities provided to generate support for this population are 1,200 SENA certificates in labor skills in reusable waste collection. Therefore, by 2024 there will be 650 additional spaces for the population of recyclers recognized by the district.

Similarly, on February 14, a call will open for the presentation of projects that apply for incentives for the utilization and treatment of IAT waste in Barranquilla. Individuals providing cleaning services who meet the requirements of Decree 802 of 2022 can apply.

Mayor Alex Char Had A Lively Conversation With The Recyclers.

Ofelia Vizcaino, The president of the Puerta de Oro Recyclers Association expressed excitement at receiving more support from the district.

“I feel honored and blessed. Thank you to our Mayor Char who is supporting us in this beautiful work. The truth is that it honors us because they see us from another perspective, people will not slam the door in our face, but they will treat us better and that will allow us to optimize the service.” said Vizcaino, who has been in the job for 30 years.


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