McDonald’s hires Paco de Miguel and succeeds with “Carro Acampa”

  • In a new social media strategy, McDonald’s forms an alliance with content creator Paco de Miguel.
  • According to survey data, companies generate just over $5 for every dollar invested. influential people,
  • Paco de Miguel is one of the most followed content creators on both Instagram and TikTok.

Just as Soriana did with Luisito Comunica, McDonald’s joins forces with Paco de Miguel’s character “Caro Acampa” for a new strategy Which demonstrates the value of content creators today.

These are digitization, social networks, content creators, influential people and many other subjects, in particular, derived from the great development of technology.

Each of the themes mentioned had a significant boom during the pandemic caused by COVID-19, a period in which both social networks and refuge in various digital platforms have been streaming, e-commerce And just like that, it was the great lifesaver for a society – a global society – accustomed to an almost entirely different life.

From this point of view, it is not surprising that the importance of influential people and, above all, the relevance that these represent for brands at a time when influencer marketing It is one of the most commonly used strategies to connect with consumers.

a survey conducted by Influencer Marketing Hubin 2019 and in collaboration with Viral Nation and Neoreach Turns out that companies make just over $5 for every dollar invested in marketing. influential people,

On the other hand, information from mediakicks shows that about half marketers (48 percent) say the return they get influencer marketing It is better than other channels.

This is the strategy of McDonald’s and Paco de Miguel

Thus, taking this data as a reference, it is not surprising that brands continue to bet on the virality they deliver. influential people To reach a greater number of Internet users and potential consumers.

As an example of the latter, we can talk about the strategy of McDonald’s decided to turn to Paco de Miguel and one of his most recognizable characters, “Carro Acampa”, as part of a new network strategy.

The initiative was taken to publicize the promotion of the brand, a video that has so far collected about 700 thousand reproductions, more than 70 thousand Likes And a significant number of positive comments reveal the success McDonald’s had in forming a commercial alliance with comedian Paco de Miguel.


The best MacTrio 3X3 for kids!!! #sharkmind

, Original Soundboard – Paco de Miguel

Such strategies arise every day due to the rise of social networks. Let us recall the recent case of Soriana, who for his already traditional “Julio Regalado”A season of store offers and promotions that worked to attract customers, decided to recruit Luisito Comunica.

Thus, as part of their strategy to reach consumers, Soriana decided to team up with Luisito Comunica in an ad that was well received by the audience.


The very coveted Julio Regalado helped me with my purchase? , #WithJulioLoRegaladoTeArrives @Soriana

, Original Soundtrack – Luisillo El Pillo

“One of the few declarations that I do not pursue”; “These are commercial, but good”; “Best Commercial”; “How epic”; There are few reactions from Internet users.

With this strategy, Paco de Miguel has acted as a great boost for the brand, unlike what happened with Ibai Lanos. A ray of light Most important of the platform, which recently confused the name McDonald’s with Burger King in an advertising pattern, a strategy that, in this case, failed for the big MK brand.

Undoubtedly, times have changed and with it, the strategies of brands are adapting to mark themselves by the audience, and this is what has managed to position the marketing. influential people As one of the main initiatives to reach out to the consumers.


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