Medellin mayor calls report on dissidents a “true institutional breakdown”

Medellin mayor calls report on dissidents a

The mayor of Medellín, Federico Gutiérrez, joined the controversy that President Gustavo Petro had ignited by describing a possible investigation by the Attorney General’s office against the president as an institutional breakdown. FICO has indicated this through its account

“What complacency, what cordiality, how nice that they asked him about kidnappings, massacres, drug trafficking, but yes, he raised a question that jeopardizes the integrity of the governor of Antioquia, Andrés Julián Rendón, My complete rejection of all this,” said the mayor of Medellin.

It should be noted that in the interview between Leonardo Ríos and Holman Morris, commander of several FARC dissident groups, the current governor of Antioquia, Andrés Julián Rendón, has been compared to former President Álvaro Uribe, considering the possibility of his return to coexistence. and public forces and paramilitary forces to combat the guerrillas among the coalition.

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The mayor of Medellín, Fico Gutiérrez, is not the first to attack the controversy that the President has ignited by taking his account of a possible investigation by the Prosecutor’s Office as an institutional crackdown, since in the last few hours he has spoken out against Have also talked about. There were other members of the presidential opposition such as Congressmen David Luna, María Fernanda Cabal, Miguel Uribe, Cathy Juvinao, and Miguel Polo Polo.

Similarly, several members of the government and the Historic Agreement have supported the theory that the President made viral through his X account, such as the Minister of the Interior, Luis Fernando Velasco; Senator María José Pizarro; and Chamber representative María Fernanda Carrascal.

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