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Thursday, March 4, 2021

Meena Harris, the niece of the US Vice-President who has gone against India

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Greta Thenberg had accidentally leaked a ‘toolkit’ document of Khalistanis. This exposed the conspiracy of the global conspiracy, which was aimed at propagating the anti-India agenda and the violence of 26 January under the guise of the peasant movement. Niece of US Vice President Kamala Harris Mina harris Has also made several tweets in support of ‘Kisan Andolan’.

Along with Meena Harris, former ‘pornstar’ Mia Khalifa and climate change activist Greta Thunberg and singer Rihanna were also involved in the issue. Ever since the Indian government intervened and gave a befitting reply before the conspiracy took concrete shape, Meena Harris has been stunned. Meena Harris is angry about why there is a democratic protest against her in India. Why are their posters being lit?

Meena Harris and her group are still supporting the violent rebellion in India and are trying to destabilize the country. Demonstrating his double attitude, Harris described the peaceful demonstration as bizarre and staunch to the people of India. Expressing fear of artificiality, Harris said that those who can burn his effigy, what such ‘fundamentalists’ will do with them in India can be imagined.

The peaceful protest against Meena Harris seems to be ‘radical’. But it is Meena Harris who supports the bare game of violence played in Delhi on 26 January, in which 400 policemen were attacked and injured by Khalistanis. During this time the rioters also used swords, knives, stones and batons and also waved religious flag at the Red Fort.

Meena Harris’s tweet on India, agricultural law and violent demonstrations

Earlier, Meena Harris was seen spreading fake news on social media, claiming that 23-year-old Labor Right ‘activist’ Navdeep Kaur was arrested and tortured in police custody and ‘sexually exploited’.

Meena Harris put forward the claim made by Navdeep Kaur’s sister on the leftist propaganda portal ‘The Quint’. Kaur’s sister, while talking to ‘The Quint’, said that she was beaten up badly by policemen and there are marks on her genitals. However, the Haryana Police dismissed all these claims as baseless.

Navdeep Kaur Labor Rights Organization Union Are attached to Which is taking part in the peasant movement. According to reports, on 12 January, the Haryana Police arrested him from the protest site located at the Singhu border. His bail plea was later dismissed by the court on 2 February. Soon after, Meena Harris also did not delay in pursuing the propaganda spread by Quint. He also did not think it necessary to understand the police side.

Interestingly, after the violence in Capitol Hill, Meena Harris and US Vice President Kamala Harris had firmly raised the demand that the perpetrators of the violence should be sent to jail. When the same incident happened in India, he did not try to understand what the police had to say on the incident. Through this act, Meena Harris tried to degrade India’s judicial system.

Meena Harris did not stop here! Continuing his false propaganda, Kamla Harris’s niece shared another false information that the Indian media has glorified the protests against her. According to Harris, the media displayed a ‘farmer movement’ pro women brave by burning posters.

Tweet by Meena Harris

Not a single media group has published such a title for the nationalists opposing Mina Harris, but the leftist media groups have come out in the propaganda of the nationalists who stood up for the national interest. The leftist media groups are busy promoting foreign propaganda, which is hurting the image of Indians.

Meena Harris wrote in the tweet, “It’s not just about agricultural laws. This is an issue related to harassment of an outspoken minority. This is an issue of police violence, bigotry and violent nationalism. It is an attack on the interests of the workers. This is global grandeur. You should not stop me from interfering by making them internal issues. These are our issues. ”

Meena Harris’s tweet on India, agricultural law and violent demonstrations

An opportunist who knows nothing about agricultural laws

Even though Meena Harris did not have the basic knowledge or understanding of the agrarian reform laws of the Indian government, she remained a part of the global propaganda campaign.

Meena Harris, like other international faces Delusional claims The way in which ‘paramilitary forces committed violence with farmers’ in Delhi, there is a lot of anger among them. While the chaos under the guise of the movement was clearly seen, how did the rioters hit the streets of the capital and they injured 400 policemen.

Meena Harris’s tweet on India, agricultural law and violent demonstrations

Meena Harris, who has often flaunted her relationship with Kamala Harris, is trying to interfere in India’s internal affairs with the help of radical Islamists and anti-India elements. Meena Harris’s Twitter timeline is filled with tweets on ‘Kisan Andolan’, through which she has made a lot of efforts to take the side of the miscreants in the capital Delhi.

Meena Harris’s tweet on India, agricultural law and violent demonstrations

Meena Harris who supports Kamala Harris

Meena Harris, 36, studied law at Stanford and Harvard. He gained recognition in the United States when Kamala Harris decided to be part of the vice presidential election a few years ago. In the last few years, Meena Harris has been accused of using her political contacts to try to serve her interests.

Also two books by Meena Harris Also written, ‘Ambacious Girl (Ambitious Girl) ‘ And ‘Kamla and Maya’s Big Idea (Kamala and Maya’s Big Idea) ‘. Meena also used the name of Kamala Harris to sell her books, which later became a bestseller. After the election in November 2020, Harris also started a clothing company and a production company.

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