Meet Michelle’s sisters, Rigo’s brothers-in-law

Meet Michelle's sisters, Rigo's brothers-in-law

In the world of soap operas, the line between fiction and reality is very thin. A clear example is the representation of the family of Michelle Durango, wife of the famous Colombian cyclist, known as ‘Rigo’.

In a recent interview with the program ‘Buen Día, Colombia’, the actress Elizabeth Chavarriaga, who plays Sofía Durango in the Canal RCN soap opera, revealed a surprising fact: in real life, Michelle has two sisters, Luisa and Marcela Durango, unlike her. only on-screen sister.

This detail emphasizes the creativity of scriptwriters in combining elements of real life with fiction. Chavarriaga, in his interpretation of Sofía, tries to capture the essence of the two sisters, which is a fusion of their personalities and stories in the novel.

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Rigo’s real brothers-in-law

Luisa and Marcela Durango, despite maintaining a low profile, play a major role in Michelle’s life and, by extension, in ‘Rigo’s’.

These sisters not only have a close relationship with Michelle, but they also run the family ice cream business, a company created by their father.

Although they prefer to remain anonymous, the Durango brothers have attracted attention on social networks, especially when Michelle introduced them on Instagram.

His followers immediately noticed their striking resemblance, with similar smiles, similar nose shapes, and similar facial features.

They are Luisa and Marcela, sisters of Michelle Durango.

Unlike their representation in the novel, Luisa and Marcela are blondes, which adds a unique touch to their image in contrast to Chavarriaga’s interpretation.

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The role of these sisters in the life of ‘Rigo’ and Michelle is more than brothers-in-law; They are confidants and best friends. Their support and presence in the life of the cyclist and his wife is a testament to the strong family bond that unites them.

The story of Luisa and Marcela Durango, Michelle’s real siblings, is one of those fascinating stories where reality surpasses fiction.

His involvement in the family business and his closeness with ‘Rigo’ and Michelle add a layer of authenticity and depth to the story told on screen, reminding us that behind every fictional character, there is always an equally fascinating truth. stories.

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