Meet Mirza Hussein, who planted dynamite in the Buddha of Bamiyan

Meet Mirza Hussein, who planted dynamite in the Buddha of Bamiyan

After the Taliban occupation of Afghanistan, every horrific scene now comes to mind that was once true of the Taliban regime. One of the truth-telling incidents of that time is related to the famous Buddha statue in Bamiyan, which was blown up in an explosion 20 years ago. It was an attempt at cultural genocide. Mirza Hussain, 26, was given the job. Mirza was a Shia Muslim but the Taliban considered him an infidel.

Published in 2015 A BBC report The whole aspect of Mirza Hussain was told Is. According to the report, Mirza told how the Afghans attacked the Buddha statue. He said the Taliban initially attacked the statue with tanks and heavy bullets, but when they failed to destroy it, a few local youths among them placed explosives. Mirza Hussain was also involved in this work.

Mirza said, “I was one of 25 prisoners. There were no civilians in the city, only the Taliban. We were chosen for this job because no one else was there. We were prisoners and we were treated in such a way that we could be killed at any time.

It is noteworthy that the majority of the population of Bamiyan is Shia Muslim. The Taliban in the Sunni community consider him an infidel. So when the Taliban took control of the Bamiyan Hills in May 1999 after months of fighting, most of the locals fled or were arrested.

Mirza, since he was arrested, witnessed the scene in 2001, which would have shocked anyone. According to him, the Taliban brought explosives in several trucks. Then those people (prisoners) carried him on their backs and hands and placed him near the idol. Already a prisoner is seriously injured and unable to carry explosives. The Taliban shot him at the same time and told others to throw his body away.

It took three days to plant explosives around the Buddha statue. Everyone had his bed up to the nearest mosque. From there they are charged and a bomb is detonated in the voice of Allah-hu-Akbar. The explosion was very powerful. In front of the Buddha statue, only smoke and flames could be seen. As the wind blew, the smell of gunpowder wafted through my nose.

The Taliban commander was thinking that they would not only destroy the Buddha statue but also bring down the whole mountain. But this huge explosion only blew away the Buddha’s feet. This work was criticized everywhere. But the Taliban did not calm down. He again brought explosives like soap and flour balls and started making two or three explosions every day.

According to Mirza Hussain, the men themselves drilled dynamite on the statue. In return they were given some rice and bread to eat and a thin blanket to cover on a snowy night. When these people succeeded in destroying the idol after all the efforts, there was celebration, shots were fired in the air, dancing was done and nine cows were killed for sacrifice.

According to reports, 6 years ago (2015) Mirza Hussain was working as a bicycle mechanic in Bamiyan and hoped that foreign donors and the government would jointly rebuild the Buddha statue. He was very sorry that he too had laid his hands on the destruction of the idol. But what will he do? If they had resisted, they could have been killed by the Taliban.

It is noteworthy that the Bamiyan Valley, about 200 km northwest of Kabul, was a Buddhist center. Many Buddhist monks lived in this valley in the 6th century. Buddhist art and culture came to the hilly regions of central Afghanistan with Buddhist monks. The living caves were built of large stones of red sandstone. That statue of Buddha was also made from this stone. But in 2001 it was destroyed by the Taliban. The large statue was 174 feet. Later it was created with the help of 3-D technology and a projected image was created to attract tourists. It is priced at Rs 76.70 lakh. But the Chinese couple Jiang Jinu and Liang Hog, who made it, said it was a gift from China to Afghanistan.