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Meet the best and weirdest moms in the animal kingdom

Compassion, care, love, protection, shelter, dedication are the values ​​of maternal instinct. Nature provided these qualities to women as a formula to preserve the species.

However, there are mothers who break out of the mold and give it all for their little ones. But they are the kind of species that humans can never imagine to have that level of maternal instinct. For that reason, to celebrate Mother’s Day, we present to you these strange moms from the animal kingdom who are adorable with their little ones. You will be surprised!…


Spiders in the Stegodyphu family have a very special compartment, which is why we decided to include them in our list of the best moms in the animal kingdom.

This species of spider lays its eggs with its web, attaches the cocoon to its web and cares for them until they hatch, and that’s when the interesting thing happens. This self-sacrificing mother begins by regurgitating food to feed her young, but after the first month, the baby spiders already have poison in their jaws, so they kill their mother and then eat her. Let’s go A mother black spider gives everything for her babies!


And it is that primates are more similar to humans than many and to show, we have the exemplary behavior of orangutan mothers. A female orangutan can give birth to one child every 8 years, thus ensuring that their upbringing is complete.

What makes these damsels on our list of best mothers in the animal kingdom is their bond with their young, which is so intense during the first 2 years that they are never separated from their babies. In fact, every night they prepare a special nest. To be able to sleep with your baby. It is estimated that during the young orangutan’s childhood, its mother may have built at least 30,000 nests.

After this first period, it may take up to 5–7 years for young pups to separate from their mothers and stop being dependent, and even female pups are always in contact as they learn to How to be a good mother to others.

Polar bone

Meet the best and weirdest moms in the animal kingdom

Polar bear moms can’t be missing from our list of the best moms in the animal kingdom and that’s because these impressive wild animals give birth to their babies at the end of winter, yes, at the North Pole, therefore protecting the little ones Let the cold make it a priority.

To do this, they build a shelter in the snow, from which they do not leave during the first months of life of their young, feeding them only breast milk with a high concentration of fat. So far so good, the problem is that she will not be able to eat and will only have fat stores to survive and this means significant weight loss in mothers during this time.

These mothers are really true heroines.


Meet the best and weirdest moms in the animal kingdom

The truth is, however cute a crocodile may be, a mother with those jaws full of teeth is the most comfortable thing in the world for her babies.

Female crocodiles specialize in building nests along the banks of the rivers or lakes where they live. In addition, they may make nests hot or cold to encourage the birth of female or male offspring, and once the nest where they deposit their eggs is established, they protect them from any form of danger at all costs. But let’s save.

Once the young pups are born, their mothers go looking for them and carry them in their mouths, a place they return to constantly for relocation and to protect themselves during the first years of their lives. Will.


Meet the best and weirdest moms in the animal kingdom

Mother octopuses are one of the species that do the most parturition and sacrifice while conceiving and raising their young.

Although there is a species of octopus that is one of the most venomous animals in the world, female octopuses act like true courageous mothers when it comes to providing protection and food for their young.

To start with, octopuses can lay between 50,000 and 200,000 eggs! That’s a lot, but even so, once they’re placed in a safe place and fertilized, octopus mothers will watch over each and every one of them. In addition to protecting them from predators, they are able to circulate water currents to guarantee the arrival of sufficient oxygen in the den.

As expected, caring for 50,000 babies takes time, so female octopuses neither feed nor hunt for their eggs during the gestation period. In some cases, when the force does not arrive, they are able to eat their own tentacles until hatching and this occurs when thousands of small octopuses emerge from their eggs and the usually very weak mother octopus dies.

Now that we know how much each of these females sacrifices for their offspring, it is essential that we as humans support the conservation and protection campaigns for these species, as most of them are endangered or already extinct. are in danger of extinction.

The best way for us to respect her maternal instinct is to help her. Happy Mother’s Day to these dedicated moms.

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