Meet Zaniac, the MCU villain who debuted in Loki | Brad Wolfe | Disney Plus series | MCU | SPORTS

 Meet Zaniac, the MCU villain who debuted in Loki |  Brad Wolfe |  Disney Plus series |  MCU |  SPORTS

Season 2 of “Loki” is one of the most anticipated premieres of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) in 2023. October is the month that brings back Tom Hiddleston as an irreverent character in the Disney Plus series. However, the new chapters have more than one surprise, such as Zaniac’s debut in fiction.

Zaniac joined as one of the villains in the second round of television production. Although Kang The Conqueror is expected to take on the antagonism in the upcoming chapters, Marvel fans are excited about the new character.

A role that, in fact, is not new among the strongest followers of Marvel, because its history is already known in the comics. Now, the expectation is on how it will be inserted into the plot of Loki’s adventures with the Time Variance Authority (TVA).

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Before you learn more about Zaniac, we leave you with the official trailer for season 2 of the Disney Plus series “Loki.” Be careful, here are more previews of this villain. Take a closer look:


Zaniac is the new villain of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) who will make his debut in season 2 of “Loki.” The preview of the new chapters of the Disney Plus series previews the presence of this character from the comics, played by Rafael Casal.

In the Marvel comics, the story is told of how Brad Wolfe, a film actor, is possessed by an entity from the Dark Dimension, so that he can become an agent of Dormammu. This parasite was previously inoculated with various feminicides, which fueled the legend of Jack The Ripper.

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But Wolfe became a Zaniac, above all, when he was trapped in the nuclear explosion of the Manhattan Project, which became the one that, ironically, he personified in his own film.

Zaniac’s power lies in launching blades of energy at his opponents, which he uses mainly on his weaker victims. However, in his battles against Thor, these abilities proved fruitless.

It is expected that in the new episodes of “Loki” the appearance of Zaniac will be confirmed. In the trailer we see the actor, played by Rafael Casal, attending the premiere of the film titled Zaniac, and how Loki and Sylvie chase him.

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Season 2 of “Loki” will be available on the Disney Plus streaming platform starting Friday, October 6. To watch the premieres of the episode online, you must have a subscription and access through this link.


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