Meghan Markle got a ‘no’ from a music superstar for her podcast

Rechazada: Meghan Markle recibió un “no” para su podcast de una súper estrella de la música

As we all know, Meghan Markle had a podcast contract with Spotify and it did extremely well. The cancellation of this contract with the company has left Meghan Markle unable to rededicate herself to it, a huge blow for the former actress. But perhaps nothing is as hard-hitting as the rejection of one of the greatest figures in music today. Prince Harry’s wife refused and insisted that, in fact, it was not even the artist who did it, but her assistants.

Who was this person? Neither more nor less than Taylor Swift.

MEghan Markle Wanted To Put Taylor Swift On His Podcast, But Taylor Didn’t Want To

What an honor it would be to have a woman as famous and big as Taylor Swift on your show, podcast, or even documentary. That’s what Meghan Markle thought. Had she attended, she would have been Meghan Markle’s most important guest ever. so it was she herself who decided to invite him directly, That’s right, the Duchess of Sussex needed a third party to write the invitation and send it to Swift from a specific company email. Meghan Markle used her own means to contact the American. He did it personally and that’s how he expected a positive answer.

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Archetypes was already preparing to get Taylor Swift in the best possible way. The podcast topics, the interviews, Meghan Markle was planning everything in the best way, but unfortunately things didn’t work out. Swift also did not speak directly to Meghan Markle, but instead wrote an email with the help of an assistant and sent it to Prince Harry’s wife, Making it clear that she did not want or be interested in participating in the said podcast. The Duchess of Sussex was deeply offended.

Why didn’t Taylor Swift say no to Meghan Markle?

We don’t know the singer’s real reasons why she said no to the Duchess of Sussex. The latter was very inspired to invite Taylor Swift, but had no success. It is suspected that the singer’s tough schedule may have had something to do with being in high demand.

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