“Mel Zelaya and Rixie Moncada Want to Take Over Congress”


Tegucigalpa, Honduras – Presidential candidate-designate Salvador Nasralla spoke this Sunday about the alleged attack on National Congress President Luis Redondo, noting that despite the obvious political differences that exist between the two, they found Contacted them for installation. What happened.

“I called him to ask if they wanted to poison him or something, despite notable political differences, he sent me some pictures of some glasses that had come with the meal. He told me that one of the congressional food suppliers here in Tegucigalpa sent food to him, his wife Marisela, and the security captain,” he began.

“Luis didn’t eat because he ate a lot at breakfast, so the eaters were Marisela and the captain and apparently they saw the food later and it had glasses. I don’t really know, but politics is very dirty and I advised him to be careful when ordering special food for himself, because it is very easy to send poisoned dishes,” Nasralla said.

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Similarly, the president of the Salvadoran Party of Honduras (PSH) also suggested that the presidential advisor, Manuel Zelaya, and the finance minister, Rixi Moncada, could be behind the alleged attack, to ensure that “they want” the national To take control of the Congress”.

“From what I’m seeing, I think Mel Zelaya and Rixie Moncada, the people behind everything, want to take over the National Congress and despite the fact that Luis has done what he says, they Want him to do more,” revealed.

“I think they want the Andean Development Corporation (CAF) Act to be approved and for that they must have asked Luis to pay the easily procured delegates, I am concluding that Luis has Hadn’t thought anything about it, they told him to do it and they warned him what could happen,” the government official said.

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Nasralla reported that he had images sent by Redondo showing the alleged glass remnants that were found at the meal for the President of the National Congress.

Likewise, Nasralla said that despite the distance that existed between the two, he considered Luis Redondo a good man who “ate his brains.”

Redondo attack

Given the suspicions raised by the complaint of assault against the President of the National Congress, the Secretary of Security confirmed that they were analyzing the remains of ground glass that was found in food directed towards Luis Redondo.

Through a statement, the Secretary of State indicated that the authorities had been informed of the situation by the National Police Liaison at the National Congress.

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According to the link, in the Office of the Presidency of the Legislative Power, the food addressed to Luis Redondo was received, so an inspection was carried out following the protocol.

In collaboration with teams of experts drawn from all criminal investigation and intelligence departments in the state, officers verify facts to respond in the shortest possible time.


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