Melany Mille talks about the “jealousy attacks” her daughter Mya Michelle suffered over the arrival of her little sister

Melany Mille talks about the

The family is only a few months old Mendoza Mille grew with the birth of the model’s second daughter Melany Mille and the Venezuelan singer Nacho to complete a household of four with his eldest princess, Mya Michelle is three years old who is in charge of delivering the Fathers day the artist’s ultrasound to surprise him with the arrival of the second creature in the house.

In an extensive writing published by Mille on his account Instagram stated that Mya is very happy to be a big sister, and that they are always making plans for the arrival of her little sister, but not everything is rosy, because the girl also appeared of changes in his behavior that anxiety can create. which caused him to think that he was not the only one spoiled by his parents and had to share with the child.

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“Since Mya found out that she has a younger sister, she has been very excited, so even though she doesn’t know the gender yet, she has determined that it is a girl and that’s it. I think he missed it a lot. “As time passed she thought about names and imagined everything she could do with the new baby,” He tells what happy parents are going through now. “However, his attitude within a few months changed,” Melanie assured.

“He goes from being very happy to crying over anything or being very upset. “He wants me to hold him every moment, he is quite sensitive and we think it has something to do with the analysis he makes about the arrival of the new member of the family.” the model continued, suggesting that what will happen to her daughter is the feeling of those older siblings who think that sooner or later they will have to share mom and dad’s time and love.

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A very important point emphasized by the communicator is to always talk to her daughter, and explain to her that the birth of her sister will not change anything. “With my little experience, what I try to do is to talk to Mya, so that she understands that she will be the big sister and help me with all the tasks that the child needs to do. also tell her that she will be her role model . But the most important thing is that this little boy will be your daily companion in loving each other.” he added.

“I have read that the example and teaching of an older brother can be more effective than an adult. The thing is that the elder brother is closer to the younger one (in his age and in his way of thinking). For this reason, there can be more understanding between them than between the younger child and an adult (…) The older brother also benefits from this relationship, because he learns to be responsible and considerate , having patience and compassion for the weak, ” Mille said, as part of the teaching she wanted to give her daughter and thus achieve her calmness and understanding.

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