.meme domains: Google already has them for sale during the early access period

Google Meme Domain Registration - .meme

Google announced the launch of a new type of top-level domain (TLD), .memes which seeks to provide a new format for how we interact with memes on the Internet. This new domain is designed for meme-focused websites, offering a unique platform for humor and cultural expression. Even ‘official’, if we want to give each of them an identity.

Google Registry collaborates with many companies and individuals to showcase creative possibilities .memes. Among the collaborators are the famous ones “Know Your Meme”, a website documenting the history and trends of memes, and Tenor, a platform for finding and creating new memes. In addition, domains dedicated to popular cat memes have been established, such as “Nyan Cat” y “Grumpy Cat”which emphasizes the versatility of the new domain.

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.meme for the new birth of entertainment

The Early Access Period (EAP) for registering these domains is now ongoing, but there is an additional one-time fee. This rate will be reduced daily until December 5th at 11 AM ET, if the domains .memes They are available to the general public for a basic annual price. Interested parties can search for the availability of the desired domain name at https://get.meme. If there is, Google will provide a list of partners from which the domain can be purchased, including providers such as GoDaddy, Gandi or Mr. Domain.

Google says that domains .memes They are meant to spread humor, ideas, style and culture. This initiative is in line with the company’s trend of offering unique and specific TLDs, such as .Pope, .boo y .ing. The focus on memes shows the popularity and cultural impact of these elements in modern digital communication.

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