Menorca Borina: Individualized physical exercise improves autonomy in older people

Una mejor salud también afecta al estado de ánimo

Under the direction of Doctor Fernando Salome, the Menorca Borina program of the Consel Insular de Menorca has become an icon of research in promoting healthy practices. In this case, focusing specifically on population around 80 years of age, One of the most recent studies, which included the voluntary participation of 161 people in 2022 and 192 people in 2023, has highlighted the remarkable benefits of incorporating physical exercise adapted to the possibilities of each person.

The study highlighted substantial improvements in the personal autonomy of people involved in an individual physical exercise program, Radio Menorca Salome reports. Activity patterns tailored to individual abilities not only proved feasible, but also resulted in significant gains in mobility organ strength Like hands and feet.
The results of the study reinforce the idea that personal autonomy in older people is essential to improving quality of life and maintaining positive mood. People who participated in the program experienced significant slowing of natural motor impairment Linked to aging. Performing physical exercises to the best of your ability not only slowed this process, but also promoted a sense of empowerment and control over your health.

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These findings are consistent with previous investigation This highlights the importance of physical exercise in healthy ageing. Worldwide studies have shown that regular physical activity in older adults not only contributes to better cognitive function, but is also associated with reduced risk of chronic diseases and promotion of longevity.

Menorca Borina Promotes Healthy practices for the population of Menorca, A commitment to health and well-being throughout the years is reflected in studies such as these that provide not only valuable information but also practical tools for improving the quality of life of older people. These results are a call to action for society as a whole to embrace the importance of adapted physical exercise as a fundamental ally in the aging process.

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