Mental health is neglected at Edomex, you have to take care of it: LuzMa Hdz.

Mental health is neglected at Edomex, you have to take care of it: LuzMa Hdz.

Given the mental health problems faced by at least 30 percent of the population, which are exacerbated in vulnerable groups in the context of poverty and violence, these conditions must be addressed with a collaborative approach that provides access to community services, he assured MP Luz Ma Hernandez Bermudez.

According to the Colegio de México and the National Autonomous University of Mexico, poor mental health accounts for 18 percent of all illnesses and 3 in 10 people will have a mental disorder at some point in their lives, in addition to the fact that poverty and violence are social determinants, that increase the likelihood of developing one or more mental disorders.

“Due to the crisis of the pandemic, a lot of grief has been unleashed among the population and we are in an emotional recovery at all times due to the economic and social crisis turning into a psychological crisis, and mental health has also increased with the pandemic. “Got even worse”.

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In this sense, the Morenista reported that she promotes workshops in communities of Ecatepec to strengthen people’s recovery in dealing with their emotions, because that is what harms the entire society in general and if they do not take care of them , they reach the extreme of social resentment and hate crime.

Mental Health Is Neglected At Edomex, You Have To Take Care Of It: Luzma Hdz.

“We have created neuro-linguistic programming workshops to help communities identify these emotions as we all have some level of difficulty recognizing our control over emotions and this will aid in the development of emotional intelligence,” the popular explained Representative.

LuzMa Hernández said that in the state of Mexico, mental health care has been neglected for decades because the entity lacks even a health law, the initiative of which has already been put forward by the Morena parliamentary faction.

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He stressed that one of the vulnerable groups that need attention to their mental health are older people, a sector where depression due to isolation, anxiety and lack of leisure activities has increased since the pandemic, leading to sadness, anxiety and stress and in extreme cases to suicide.

He believes that mental health care can reduce contexts of violence and disease in the population, since all emotional states lead to various physical illnesses because of unresolved duels and uncontrolled resentment, which damages emotional health and the relationship with society .

Mental Health Is Neglected At Edomex, You Have To Take Care Of It: Luzma Hdz.

In the workshops they conducted, they found out that the main problems are the loss of family and work, the loss of social identity, because “sometimes people don’t know how to get out of these inner emotional conflicts, they have no orientation, they feel lost and if he does not find this possible solution to his emotional problems, he will become psychological and harm his loved ones.

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In addition, LuzMa Hernández stressed that in the state of Mexico today it is almost impossible to seek psychological counseling without the necessary financial resources, since those who have social security have to wait at least three months for counseling in public spaces In the private sector, they are obliged to pay at least 500 pesos for each therapy, while at the state level, this medical help is not available.

In this sense, the Morenista MP reported that she will work to ensure that mental health is considered primary care in the respective regulations, with a collaborative approach aimed at identifying problems in the population so that individuals can learn able to control his emotions in the family and in the relationship of parents, children, siblings and partners.


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