Monday, February 6, 2023

Mental health: Study confirms only 1 in 10 feel the spirit for end-of-the-year parties

A recent study on mental health done by the consultancy knowledge development determined it Only 1 in 10 people feel inspired by year-end parties. For this reason, at Ciudadano ADN we spoke with Jorge Fuentes, psychologist and director “Pranavida”.

“The history of our country in recent years has been wrought with social crisis, then it confronts us with pandemics and finally This is starting to create quite a serious mental health crisis in Chile”, Started off as an expert.

In line with the above, psychologist Jorge Fuentes states that “We are a country with high rates of psychiatric disorders.”

Effects of the Economy on Mental Health

“We are in the top ten in mental health problems… Add all this up and finally with the economic uncertainty, We feel that it appears necessary to rein in the expenditure.” At the end of the year raised the director of “Pranavida” in a conversation with Ciudadano ADN about the indifference to the parties.

sources said “The economic crisis is showing us the difficulties that inflation is presenting.”

“People don’t spend and ultimately it makes this party where we are further restricting the expenditure. and focus on sharing and other variables that were not considered as much in parties”. he pointed.