Merca 2.0 presents the X-ray of the Mexican Consumer 2023

Merca 2.0 presents the X-ray of the Mexican Consumer 2023

Today, Merca 2.0 presents the X-ray of the Mexican Consumer 2023, where industry experts such as: Santiago Cortés, head of Sales Samsung Ads México, Enrique de Neymet Franco, LATAM Solution Specialist Lead at Nielsen IBOPE, Jaime Valdés, Lead Enterprise Sales Director of DoubleVerify, Ivan Marchant, Vice President of Comscore Mexico, Peru, Colombia and Central America.

Marco Wosk, CEO of Blue Strategy, focused on the impact of technology and data on companies, and detailed how crisis management has become more complicated due to the impact of social networks and the dissemination of information. Also, he showed the importance for brands to collaborate with influencers since its influence today is undeniable.

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The event touched on some of the main digital trends in content that are currently being viewed, where the relevance of factors such as sustainability, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the impact of social networks are also currently highlighted.

On the other hand, Álvaro Rattinger, CEO of Merca2.0, provided details about the consumption that Mexican consumers are currently looking at so that companies can understand and use the best market opportunities to their advantage. In addition, he answered how to understand the 2024 business framework.

The Director pointed out that currently companies are facing the presence of millenials at the moment, since compared to other years, they were able to have better purchasing power.

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Without a doubt, the future for brands will be completely digital, precisely, in 2023 it is expected that 223 million basic phones will be sold with a market value of 11 billion dollars.

The event concluded with the most relevant examples that are currently affecting consumers around the world.

“Brands have the opportunity to create lasting relationships with customers who are looking to rediscover the world.”