Mesa Water Facility is a world leader in technology

Mesa Water Facility is a world leader in technology

COSTA MESA, California. From the outside, the Mesa Water Reliability Facility (MWRF) is an indescribable industrial building sandwiched between a highway and a tranquil residential highway in Costa Mesa, California.

Eventually it can be misleading, because inside the facility, visitors are greeted with a mini-rooibos forest, complete with misters following the mist that rolls in along the coast.

Indigenous gardens tell the story of California’s lush landscape, including the rooibos forests that were responsible for the district’s water source thousands of years later.

“This is what all of California’s coastal habitat looked like centuries ago,” Marice DePasquale, president of the board of directors of Mesa Water District, told The Epoch Times during a tour of the modern facility.

DePasquale explained how the leading MWRF technology in the district retrieves 12,000-year-old water from more than 1,000 feet underground that is left over from the old redwood. The water is naturally soft and meets all water quality standards even before treatment.

The technology used at the facility enables Mesa Water to serve reliable water, locally available, via nanofiltration.

“Our system is basically a very fine reverse osmosis system,” DePasquale said. “We have water districts from around the world to study here and learn about our technology.”

The water is sent through a sand separator to remove sand and grains and then flows through a cartridge filter that removes additional particles up to the width of a human hair. It is then pushed through semi-permeable paper membranes to remove the amber tint. Once tested, the purified water is brought to a million liter reservoir before being pumped through the Mesa Water distribution system and to customers’ taps.

‘It’s cheaper than bottled water and is cleaner. “Our standards are higher than the bottle industry, so I only drink water from my tap at home,” said Pasquale.

Another advantage of the facility is the ability to recycle water that might otherwise be wasted.

“We have invested billions of dollars in world – class replenishment technology so that we can continually recycle the carefully managed groundwater tank,” said DePasquale. “We are able to recycle about 92 percent of our water, which is almost unheard of anywhere else.”

With the facility, the water can stay 100 percent local, especially when the weather conditions rise and the demand for water rises. Even rest time in Super Bowl can be critical to the increase in water demand, as the large number of people who see the same toilets flush during the game. Without enough water or pressure at these times, reliable water availability will be compromised or even unavailable.

Leading lady

DePasquale is the second woman in Mesa Water’s history to lead its board. She was elected to the council by voters in September 2017, vice president in 2018 and president by his executive committee in 2020.

She heads MConsensus, a public enterprise specializing in government and community relations, land use law and grassroots lobbying.

Marice DePasquale, President of the Mesa Water District Board, June 1, 2021. (John Fredricks / The Epoch Times)

Asked how she applies her professional expertise to her role as board president, DePasquale said: ‘I manage land use projects that have millions, even billions of dollars at stake, so I understand financing and securities depreciation, and I understand Also the environmental and public processes. ”

DePasquale was regularly asked to speak in front of various women’s and girls’ groups and organizations and said she was frequently asked what two things she would advise a young lady.

‘One. ‘Take an accounting class at university, no matter what your major, because if you can not read a P&L, you will never get it out of the middle management,’ she said. You have to understand money to be an effective leader.

The second thing: if you’re smart and someone wrote on your report card at some point, ‘she talks too much,’ keep talking. This is what you are going to distinguish if you are in the business world. ”

She continued, ‘If anyone was successful in discouraging my chattering mouth, I would not be sitting here. It is the skill that has helped me build relationships and make me the most successful. I say, ladies, be chatty and learn accounting. ”