Messi, to conquer the United States

Messi, to conquer the United States

More than a month after the MLS ‘mega-summer’, Florida continues to celebrate. Lionel Messi has landed in the US to revolutionize MLS. The Argentinian star came to a bottom, untitled and with a very negative streak of sporting results. Along with the help of Jordi Alba and Sergio Busquets as squires, the Argentinian star has changed in little more than ten games and given the team a massive facelift. Heron. Within a month, the Argentine managed to win the League Cup. As a bully, he qualified after winning each of his matches, qualified for the US Open Cup finals and debuted in MLS with a win. Messi, in a state of grace.

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Messi would play his first game across the pond with a win in extremis against Cruz Azul on August 22. Eleven games later, the Argentinean is now dreaming of a chance to fight for a place in the MLS play-offs. In a state of grace, almost in ecstasy, Inter Miami, based on Messi’s goals, conquered every city it passed through. Since his debut, Messi has scored a lot and scored goals in almost all of his games, only against Nashville and LAFC the Argentine couldn’t sing a bit more for his backpack.

That Messi didn’t see the Grace of John McCarthy’s door on Hollywood Stars’ Night. The Los Angeles team’s goalkeeper managed to get a hand off the “10” – that nickname coined during his time at Barcelona and currently in the United States – after a “messianic” move in a one-on-one in fashion is states. Selena Gomez herself couldn’t contain the euphoria as the world champion’s dribbles became a trend on social media.

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Despite not seeing the door, McCarthy couldn’t get rid of Messi. The goalkeeper had to get two balls out of his nets with the help of the Argentine. Thus, Messi has already accumulated 11 goals and five assists in just 11 games. That said, since landing, Messi has been the architect of 53% of Inter Miami’s goals, where the “Garzas” have already scored 30 goals in total. Gonzalo “Pipa” Higuaín’s record is drawing near, but he’ll have to wait.