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Meta, formerly known as Facebook, faces a year of consolidation of its metaverse: Here’s what to expect from Zuckerberg’s company in 2023, according to experts

The conflict in mystery novels always occurs in contractions. Specifically, what happens between characters is what they say they are, what they do and, ultimately, what other characters say about them.

In the fall of 2021, Meta, formerly known as Facebook, which brings together companies such as WhatsApp and Instagram, puts before the eyes of the audience, as if it were Agatha Christie herself, a mystery that has not yet been solved. not resolved: metaverse,

The future, excitedly predicted Mark Zuckerberg, the acclaimed genius behind Facebook, will not inhabit the real world, but will do so in a virtual world created in his own image and likeness and which will offer endless possibilities to connect, play and do things. Business

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Since then, it has been clear what Meta says about themselves: they are the future.

In a text published on the Facebook blog, Andrew Bosworth, director of the technology and virtual reality sector at Meta, recently expressed hope for what’s to come.

“Virtual reality is at a very special time now: there are new fundamental pieces of hardware. The technology is coming to market for the first time, and a community of developers and users is unlocking its potential in new ways,” he said. begins .

,We believe everything will be better in 2023, The machine-learning revolution that has been going on for the past decade has reached its peak this year and continues to accelerate. […] There have been huge advances in research like our make-a-video and make-a-scene tasks, not to mention Cicero, our agent capable of killing humans in a game of strategy,” he deepens.

Rating and recommendation products like Reels, an AI supporting increasingly more and more technologies… In Bosworth’s eyes, the Metaverse is a technological revolution about to go mainstream.

“Meta is by no means the only company working to push the boundaries in this area, and we expect to be joined by new competitors in the coming year building augmented reality and virtual reality. As new devices come to market, we are confident that our industry will enter a new era of development.”

The Meta Strongman immediately thinks of the company’s new virtual reality glasses as its successor meta quest 2The cost of which today is around prohibitive 300 or 400 Euros.

But Meta, like any good mystery, isn’t what she says she is. It’s also what he does, and what he’s done recently reveals a much less bright future than what he’s trying to sell on his blog.

Talking about Meta, there has been talk of layoffs in recent months. Many layoffs. Specifically, 11,000 fewer jobs, 13% of its workforce, Life’s first major cut in 18 years.

These are the result of months of tug-of-war between Wall Street, which is demanding immediate results amid an increasingly cooling economy, and Zuckerberg, who has been poised to claim an overweighting of his stock’s value on Meta for the time being. were seeming To give a pulse to its investors.

Finally, in one of the harshest cable pickups in Silicon Valley memory, Zuckerberg professed his anxious fundraiser thesis: If his peace of mind demanded a sacrifice, he was willing to turn heads.

A wave of layoffs has made these holidays bitter in Spain, where Meta has furloughed 18% of its workforce in ERE on January 1, between 30 and 35 of its 200 employees.

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However, there are experts who believe that The company will not lose its way,

“These are cuts that don’t affect the stakes structurally, which is of course the metaverse. The biggest challenge facing society is migrating from the real to the virtual plane. To do that, they’ve already seen some companies Iberdrola, for example, held a shareholders’ meeting in Metaverse”, explains Susana Pascual, CEO of PixelsHub, a company specializing in virtual and augmented reality.

“Many large companies have invested in the metaverse in the hope of commercial returns. We have to see if it really benefits them, but they certainly approached it from a meta perspective,” he deepened.

Identity, Privacy and Security: Meta’s Big Challenges for 2023

The third stage of the meta mystery is made up of what others say about him. And the experts are clear: There’s a lot to happen before the meta can see mass and mainstream adoption of its metaverse,

The first is that the company must decide what it wants to be and what it wants to sell.

“Meta’s big dilemma is that if it really decided to start the Metaverse, it would have to give everyone a cryptographically secure identity. This goes against Meta, which is basically an identity management company. ” Technology at IE Business School for 30 years.

“To enter its metaverse you have to give meta permission to handle our personal data, it’s a three-dimensional social network if you will, but it’s not a metaverse. Facebook saw it’s Google and Android and it was no good now he wants us to believe that the only platform for the metaverse is his, and This is a highly controversial proposal.“, summarizes Danes.

The difficulties that Meta will face from 2023 onwards do not end there.

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“From a legal perspective, perhaps the first word that comes to mind in relation to Facebook is privacy, and this is one of the major challenges for companies that use the platform as a means to promote and engage with their various audiences. Let’s do..”, says Beatriz Rodríguez, a partner at RocaJunyent specializing in the areas of technology, data protection and privacy.

It’s not just a question, Rodriguez explains, to address the question of a possible transfer of data by the company to the US, but to explain, for example, what AI is being used to show according to Which users, eg.

To this we must add problems such as sexual and workplace harassment that are already taking place through the early platforms of the metaverse.

“These challenges can be met with a good compliance program and a trained legal team that understands not only the regulations, but also the operation of social networks,” Rodríguez proposes as a solution.

Lack of an audience and apples, the shadow that hangs over the meta

An important mission that pales in the face of the meta’s big problem today: it’s losing interest.

Not that its metaverse is empty, but also that, for the time being, experts insist, social networks like Facebook, the jewel in the business conglomerate’s crown, are losing users for the first time in nearly 20 years.

Cases such as its handling of data fraud in scandals such as Cambridge Analytica, which forced Facebook to pay $725 million to shut it down, have irreparably damaged its reputation for Meta.

This justifies the company’s third shift towards the metaverse. But the approach is a small blanket: If you bet on one area, others are left open, and there are already people in Silicon Valley who say Meta is so enthralled with its virtual reality that the company Recently neglected its advertisers.

“The main challenge that Meta presents to companies is the lack of growth of Facebook and the slowdown of Instagram. This increases the competition among advertisers,” explains Rafael Navarro, co-founder of Play film. adtech Who wants to end the cookie paradigm in digital marketing.

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“The second challenge that arises is the overload of advertising on social networks that users are exposed to. It is becoming increasingly difficult to attract attention among the thousands of daily influences, and it becomes even more difficult to create quality ads that really help the public. users in their buying decisions and provide them with real value”, explains the Play film co-founder.

Finally, the meta will also face a very powerful foe in 2023, Apple, which recently delayed the announcement of its own virtual reality glasses until late next year.

Dans says, “A lot of people will get involved with this technology through Apple. It’s a company that’s redefining categories. Apple is also very determined to do things on its own, so the sinking meta has the potential to end.”

As in mystery novels, all will be revealed in the end.

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