Mets manager Buck Showalter, who has a mild medical condition, will not miss Wednesday’s game against the Giants.

Mets manager Buck Showalter, who has a mild medical condition, will not miss Wednesday's game against the Giants.

The Mets did not have a manager for Wednesday’s game.

Buck Schulter was away from the club and left the coaching staff in charge of a simple medical procedure. Both the public relations team and the coaches were eager to see who exactly would call the shots. As their caretaker manager leaves the world, one of the players on the team has confirmed to everyone that the hierarchy of the club is still clear.

Pet Alonso: “Well, I know who our manager is, he is a bachelor. But he ordered the march to let everyone know what they were doing. I think we will be fine. ”

Showalter is often seen swinging a bat with him and cracking wisely at anything that moves. His absence caused the metaphors to lose their luminosity without an avalanche.

“He is a very old school baseball player. “He likes to be in the yard. I know it may be difficult for him (not to be here), but he will be back on Thursday. I wish him well.

Without Showalter, the Mets did not hold a press conference ahead of Wednesday’s game against the Giants. If not for Covide-19, Bench coach Glen Sherlock will be a clear substitute coach who hit the Mets right at the start of the season. Outfielder Mark Kanha is out of Covide EL – Matt Reynolds has been named in the squad to make the roster – and starts on Wednesday night on the left, making his debut since April 13. Sherlock, however, was still infected with the virus, leaving a hole in the admin seat on the bench.

Alonso “It’s not just ‘Let’s meet later’. “He gave his talk to those in charge. I think Buck is the one who makes the decision, but he gets information from many different coaches (anyway). This will only happen another day.

Schlutter’s absence from City Field on Wednesday was another tragedy as he was unable to provide any new information on which players would return from injury. Instead, the Mets media team gathered reporters and announced that it had thrown three innings and 45 picks during a spring training session in Jupiter, FL for a temporary media scandal and Taijuan Walker. He will then fly to Arizona, where he will meet the team over the weekend with Diamondbacks, and the return table will be reviewed.

Pitching Parade

They have yet to find a better team than the Mets and Giants.

In the first 12 games of the Mets and the Giants 11, the teams started with Peter and finished first and second in the Wins Over Replacement. The Mets beginners’ 1.56 ERA is out of their minds, with the latest figures showing that the Giants’2.86 will have a better chance of hitting the ball.

The two teams seen in City Field this week have their only start in the Major League Baseball, beating more than 28% of their opponents. Max Sherzer, Chris Basit and Carlos Carrasco are all in the Meteor with more than 30% of their respective competitors from San Francisco.

When the first two started as a giant, Wednesday starter plaster Carlos Rodon had 46.7% of the men standing next to him, 46.7% of whom did not know God. He sent Alex Cobb back to the pit, where he hit four meters in 4.1 innings on Tuesday. , Strongly reserved 35%.

That was me old

Coming to Wednesday night’s game, the Mets scored 120 plus games with the runners. He scored 26 hits (.277 batting average) in those 120 chances and averaged three home runs and six assists, leading the National League with runners in the RBI and runners-up overall in wRC + (143). In that case.

This is a departure from the Mets we saw last year with 95 wRC + runners-up, which was 5% worse than the average team. Their average .238 RISP average was one of the worst features of the 2021 Mets. Two of the newcomers – Starling Marté and Eduardo Escobar – seem to have taken the franchise’s past.

Marte 4-for-14 (.286) doubles and Dinder is in the race with the runners in the AT-Bats. Of those 14 AT-bats, Brooke made eight attempts off the field. Escobar had fewer chances – only five official AT-bats – but those led to three wins (two doubles) and four RBI. The field player, who leads the team with a margin of 20.8 percent, made four perfect passes with the runners-up.

Beardless Glomer

Luis Gilomeme shaved his beard.

The Infield field has become one of the most recognizable faces in the group, thanks to its thick black hair. That is all over now.

“This is my decision. At the end of the day, I have a beard. I will do whatever I want.”



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