Mexico City clash leaves two police officers injured

MEXICO CITY ( Associated Press) – A clash on Tuesday afternoon south of Mexico City between security forces and criminal suspects left 14 people detained and two police officers injured, one of them in a serious condition, according to Omar Garcia Harfuch, secretary of Security in the capital.

The major operation involved moving about 150 police officers, National Guard elements and members of the army with armored trucks and helicopters on the highway leading south from the capital, the one that connects Mexico City to Cuernavaca, in the state of Morelos, and with the port of Acapulco, in Guerrero.

According to the capital’s police chief, the operation freed two people who were being held in a house in Topilejo, where ten long weapons were seized, including a 50-caliber Barrett shotgun, a machine gun, three handguns, 12 grenades, ballistic vests, porters and drugs.

García Harfuch indicated that the alleged criminals “opened fire on different occasions”, but that none of the three helicopters that took part in the operation were hit.

He did not give further details about the identity of the detainees. He only indicated that several of the detainees were not from Mexico City, but the seized arsenal leaves no doubt that they belonged to some organized crime group to which they could belong.

The intense shooting, recorded in videos posted on the networks, may be common in other parts of Mexico, but it does not usually occur in the capital.

The delegate indicated that the location was reached thanks to an intelligence work that generated information provided in two anonymous reports. “Citizens are becoming more and more confident,” he celebrated.

One of the worst recent attacks in Mexico City was two years ago, in June 2020, when a commando from the Jalisco Nueva Generación cartel tried to assassinate García Harfuch.

At dawn and on one of the main avenues of an upscale area in the west of the capital, more than a dozen men carried out a carefully coordinated plan to attack the delegate’s armored vehicle with grenades, semi-automatic weapons and a . fifty.

García Harfuch was shot three times and underwent surgery. Two of his companions and a woman who was passing in a vehicle died.


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