Mexico has destroyed 1,788 synthetic drug laboratories

Mexico has destroyed 1,788 synthetic drug laboratories

Mexico reiterates that it is acting responsibly on issues of humanitarian and universal fraternity.

2nd trilateral meeting held against Mexico, USA and Canada synthetic drugswhat they talked about Activities and Commitments To address the fentanyl crisis in North America.

The Secretary of Security and Civil Protection (SSPC), Rosa Aisella Rodríguez, highlighted that they are working with a joint plan to address a problem. public health Drug abuse, particularly fentanyl, has resulted in overdose deaths.

“To prevent this incident from escalating, we have agreed to cooperate in a relationship of full respect for the sovereignty of each nation; It is a humanitarian issue and universal brotherhood.”

He also threw light on the solution of secret laboratories Since this action weakens the structure of organized crime.

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In the same way, he insisted, that drug cartels are fought economically. financial intelligence unit (FIU).

“The government of President López Obrador has disabled 1,788 clandestine processing centers where synthetic drugs were made.”

On behalf of the United States, Dr. Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall indicated that the State Department has mapped chemical industry To indicate supply chains,

arms smuggling and migration

It was also discussed in the meeting arms smuggling, an issue promoted by the Mexican government to prevent illegal transfers of firearms, especially from the United States; as well as the subject expatriates,

“In the Mexican security cabinet, he has allies to work for the safety and health of the people of North America, because only together, Mexico, the United States and Canada, will we achieve more than separately”, Rodriguez Velazquez told.

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It should be noted that the representations of the governments of the United States and Canada were led by Security Advisors Sherwood-Randall and Jody Thomas, respectively.


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