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Mhoni Seer: These are the horoscopes from March 12 to 17.

Predictions of Mhoni Seer in love, health and money for the week of March 12 to 17, 2023


Your best day will be Tuesday, all your thoughts will be about abundance, stability and growth. Communicate with God, that you may do your best in spiritual matters, which you need so badly, that it may be filled almost immediately. You are going to recover the money that was owed to you without the offer of a new job and be sure that you are healthy, never stop checking with your doctor to rule out any health problem.

You are in full progress, you are going to continue to grow, you are in the right direction which is so much needed. Try to synchronize your times, because you have to do things. Manage to synchronize your time and you will see that you will be able to do everything in matters of love: your magic numbers are 1 and 7, and your dominant color will be orange.


Try to fix all the problems that are pending in school, legal issues or debt situations to start moving forward. These are the times of maturing, these are the times of knowing what you need for the future to have that concept of life, that is, to mortify yourself, Taurus, to have a thought and above all to have what is ahead. .

Your best day will be Monday, try to use the color green and the dollar in your wallet to bring abundance. Put on a lot of perfume and have that communion with nature, because your healing power is important.


The day is key so that they have that money as much as they need it. Any change you make at work, home, country, or city, positive changes are behind you. Dare to be different and decide to move forward.

It will be a week in which you must communicate with your superiors or teachers to avoid friction: your magic numbers will be 2 and 5.

The color yellow, which is the color of prosperity, will be ideal.


Pay attention this week, be careful about the money you spend, pay your debts, don’t spend too much, be a little more careful.

It is a time of mental maturity, not to be taken away by emotions or feelings that sometimes lead you into a lot of trouble: conflicts at work, at school or with the family. shut up and think twice about what you are going to say. Your magic numbers will be 6 and 13.

Your best day will be Thursday, and the color will be red.


You are made to be your own boss, the boss of your time, your work and your money. Start a business, try to grow together with friends, partner and more. There will also be the highest happiness in your life, that is, abundance of winds will arrive this week.

Start with manifest abundance, have a stable partner, have your own home, and think about what is necessary, and you will immediately see what will happen. Try not to get into a conversation, don’t burden yourself with problems that are not yours. Your best day will be Friday. Your magic numbers are 11 and 23, in turn your dominant color will be intense blue.


It’s time to see other places and other destinations, it’s time to know that your security needs to be increased, it’s time to move your mind and remove stagnation, think about the present to make the future better. It will be a week in which you must persevere. You will do what you have, you will have an end and, if you have already finished, you will start a new one. Beware of bruises, lawsuits and betrayals.

Your best day will be Monday. Your magic numbers will be numbered 9 and 20. The color that will favor you is white and yellow.


Beware of hidden enemies who don’t want to see you well. Don’t be so confident, remember that evil people surround you, because you are light, you are a good person, you always help others, but sometimes they take advantage of you.

Choose peace, live healthily, choose tranquility in your life. Do not be defensive, do not get angry or angry, if you see that people around you are harmful, remove them from your essence, remember that just by talking to someone, negative or positive energies can pass to you. Choose peace to live better. Your magic numbers will be 4 and 66.

The color red and gold will be strong for you and your best day will be Tuesday.


It is a time of moderation, that they have the strength to move forward, remember that moderation is the surest way of solving all problems, persevering, speaking intelligently and being extremely careful with your expenses.

Let them stay again, the arrival of a lot of foreign money is coming, compatible love is also coming. Fortune touches you, let it come, but I won’t talk too much about your plans, your future magic numbers are 8 and 77.

Your colors will be red and purple. Your best day will be Wednesday.


Do not stop, persevere, go forward without fear, do what you think will happen. If you’ve already been fired or left a job, it’s time to start your own business or get a better job. Get away from drama and conflict, get away from harmful people, change your home or job.

Do what you want, especially in love and don’t get into trouble: Your best day will be Thursday, and your magic numbers will be 15 and 50. Use a lot of gold and green colors, which will bring you success.


You’re growing up, you’re young, it’s your year. You must understand, and believe, that you must organize what you must.

It doesn’t matter that you take the time, it doesn’t matter that you decide to compete, but when you decide to do something, focus and follow that direction and growth.

Extra money will come to you, talk about changing schools or going back to study for a master’s degree that will benefit you greatly.

It’s your moment, listen to your thoughts, but ignore the negative voice in you, keep in your thoughts this sentence: “I’m going to do it.”

Get your bags ready to go, as you will be the author of new journeys to discover and most of all to believe in yourself: your magic numbers will be 27 and 30 your color will be red and yellow so you can use them more.


You are bright, you are in the success of any change, your own business or the loan that you want to be given to you.

It will also be positive if you walk in the sun for five or 10 minutes to recover your energy and your stability, because love comes very compatible to you. Balance your mind and your thinking and what you want in your life so that you can move forward, because recently you have many problems or obstacles because you do not have balance.

Your best day will be Wednesday, and your magic numbers will be 2 and 15, on the other hand, your dominant color will be green and blue, use them as much as you can.


In matters of happiness you continue with that abundance, remember to make a ceremony on your birthday, the 13th of April, put a white candle and communicate with Archangel Gabriel.

This week you should ask for what you need so much, and it will be fulfilled almost immediately: good forces are behind you, just grow and wake up to be good in your life.

Do not ask questions with past loves or people from the past, leave and move on, remember that what comes from the past is depressive and bitter, which wants to live in your present. Your best day this week will be Wednesday, your magic numbers will be 21 and 88 and your dominant color will be yellow and intense blue.

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