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Michael Douglas, life in the shadow of his father, life beyond Kirk

The place with the heaviest grandchildren per capita has ever been Hollywood; on the other hand, Hollywood is the greatest shredder of human flesh. Thus, the career of Michael Douglas (New Brunswick, 78 years old) had some impact at the beginning because of the name of his father -actually, the name of the actor: he was born Kirk Douglas, the father of Danielovitch- Issur, but the journey for a decade, both in acting and.

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The place with the heaviest grandchildren per capita has always been Hollywood; on the other hand, Hollywood is the greatest shredder of human flesh. Thus, the career of Michael Douglas (New Brunswick, 78 years old) had some impact at the beginning because of the name of his father – in fact, the name of the actor: he was born Kirk Douglas, the father of Danielovitch – Issur, but his journey for a decade, both in acting and in production, was quite encouraging and it showed enough talent for next week, the honorary Palme d’Aut at this year’s Cannes festival. “I’m even bigger on the day of the festival,” he jokingly joked on the day of the match. The entire weekend is the time to mourn.

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The competition as one of his tributes is the documentary program The Prodigal Son, which falls into the artistic and vital vicissitudes of the first China Syndrome, The War of the Roses, Basic Instinct, Traffic, Fatal Attraction, Wall Street or Tras. in the green heart He also flew someone over the cuckoo’s nest or a legitimate producer of defense. Through the letter and the conversation that he had last Thursday, he can restore in his own words the entire work of the film, which is not very eager to talk outside the promotions. And that he is still active, as evidenced by his participation in the Marvel Ant-Man saga, in the Netflix series The Kominsky Method and filming, in addition to eight months in Paris, of the miniseries about Benjamin Franklin, in which he stars. .

For Douglas, Cannes brings back great memories. “My father and my stepmother, who have been together for more than six decades, met in Cannes and talked about it a lot at family dinners.” The actor of literature shows that as a child, surrounded by his father’s friends, legendary actors who were just that: a human part. “My parents divorced me when I was six or seven years old. It is clear from the documents how I came to the peace treaty, after internal struggles because of my father’s success, he received universal attention and the feeling that he did not pay enough attention to me. My father overshadowed me a lot with his first-born. No only in that child, but in the later question of how to become a man in advance with Kirk Douglas. I developed it differently with my children. Over time I realized that without the ability to do television, actors do sixty or six or seven a year. That’s why I wasn’t at home, he said in Cane.

Catherine Zeta-Jones, Michael Douglas and Carys Zeta Douglas pose on the steps of the Palais de Cannes.Vianney Le Caer (Vianney Le Caer/Invision/AP)

He promises to be the three or four most important moments of his life. “My first studies were theater in Connecticut. They gave me a base, I understood the profession”, he says. Then he made a risky move: he left his child’s footprints in the movies to co-star with Karl Malden, whom he considers his second father, in four seasons of The Streets of San Francisco. “I didn’t just know what to do. I also kept my eyes open to explore all the directors and actors who had passed there, and to whom I later turned while working,” he recalls.

His first appearance at Cannes came together with the second film of the producer and actor with a long role, China Syndrome, for which Jack Lemmon was awarded for the best male performance. That drama about an accident at a nuclear power plant launched Douglas’s career as a social activist. I had always thought of it as a horror film. And on the thirteenth day of its US release, things became real with the Three Mile Island plant [en Harrisburg]the most important in my country. My epiphany. Because the control room we recreated in the movie and the real one were the same. They suffered a defeat, just like the ones before us. And I became an anti-nuclear activist, and I fought with all the forces I have against climate change and to warn against it.”

Michael Douglas as Gordon Gekko in ‘Wall Street’.

Before that 1979, Douglas was involved in what, for a time, he considered the most beautiful course of his life: the production of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. “I was 28 or 29 years old when my partner Saul Zaentz, who over time made films like Amadeus or The English Patient, and I bought the book. We were virgins in production. But everything was new, as complicated as it was fascinating. We decided to shoot in real settings, blissful innocence, and we found a doctor who fell in love with the Oregon plan and we went there.” he got it right, when the others had already meditated, and he could not distinguish the truth between the actor and the mentally ill. Moreover, when we stood at lunch on the first day, because the sick had been admitted to lunch, he was angry that we had taken him out of character… and at the same time he did not know who sitting with, whether with interpreters or boarding schools”

Zaentz and Douglas had a difficult time finding a distributor and, for him, Oscar night was “a demonstration that revenge is served the coldest bowl.” A set of five names, which took all the main ones, including Oscar producers. “And the second one is very well deserved by Louis Fletcher, who had previously rejected the character of the five great actresses. On top of that it was a blockbuster.” And why Milos Forman? “We didn’t know who to hire, and suddenly we saw Firefighters! and we understood that he was like that. Milos was already living in New York, he occupied the Chelsea Hotel after directing another movie that went horribly low, we had to pull him out. He was very direct, he hated big fights, he was involved. I really miss him.”

Promotional image for ‘China Syndrome’, with Jack Lemmon, Michael Douglas and Jane Fonda.

From his work as an interpreter, Douglas insisted on a lot of corruption in the profession, leaving behind methods and deep morals: “To create characters that are far from me is very liberating. I remember in my youth that the slogan was: ‘The camera always knows when you are lying, so you must use reason’. Until one day you know it’s a lie. You are lying to that machine. And who delivered me, and my works made me rejoice.’ Douglas has always been fond of the roles of men who dominate the medium of film: “It’s not that I was offered them, this time I waited. My father’s generation chose between heroes and villains because they came out of World War II. My generation is from Vietnam, and we are actually talking about gray areas. My crazy characters put themselves, almost impossible things, and they have to see how they behave and how they do through the trial.”

Among those jobs is Wall Street. “Oliver Stone is a terrific actor. The speech of the insignia of avarice is calmly delivered, because he has built his character in that tone. He played with me during the filming, and I soon realized that it was for the good of the film”, he commented in an interview in Cannes. Various speeches with Stephen Soderbergh. tell her because this is the first and last time you saw her”. he caught me fighting throat and tongue cancer.Steven and Matt Damon lied to me and told me that they had to stop for a year for other contracts, and in reality it was for me to heal and improve my voice.

Michael Douglas and Sharon Stone, in ‘Instinct’.

Fatal Attraction and Basic Instinct, both of which were sent to Cannes, Douglas reigns for a while in the romantic dungeon, with strong sexual implications. “The choreography of the movements of the bodies and of the camera is the most important thing to observe and to be very clear in these sequences. It’s not anymore.” And he remembered the day in The War of the Roses that Danny DeVito, with whom he initially shared an apartment, gave him the script. “I read it, I put it to the end and said: ‘But really?…’ he let out with an accompanying ‘Yesssss.’ Nothing ever happened. And I’m taking this opportunity to state that he’s never had a comedy worthy.” Will he ever direct? “I’ve already done two episodes of San Francisco Street, and I’m frustrated. I want the final cut, and I already have a producer. Even the arrangement it is very lonely, as a producer you are with the people”.

As part of the Ant-Man saga these days in Cannes, he told his visits to Comic-Con to promote his work in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. “You get to meet people you won’t see anywhere else. And those shoots are crazy too. Now I have a lot of respect for those who only shoot green screens. You feel foolish before, and you see the result and you are surprised.” No one was involved in the first character. “Yes, the most difficult thing I learned was to trust the camera, opening yourself up to it.”

Michael Douglas waves from his master class in Cannes.Daniel Cole (Associated Press/LaPresse)

Douglas noted the change in society and industry. “The consequences of the riots and the war in Ukraine are terrible. At least the film is one of the few things that helped us move forward. But society has changed a lot because of social networks. Before we had more secrets, there is no such freedom”. to appreciate, I understand the rules of the Cannes festival, but it is really essential”), although at the same time he supports the authors’ attacks against the digital platforms (“I. Hope they succeed. River silver goes to the stars, Writers not unfair.’ Catherine Zeta-Jones, his wife, is looking for advice and dedicated to his work as a United Nations ambassador. “I hope that my father will work at least until I am 93 years old. Every day we think about calling him, without remembering that he has already left.”

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