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Michael Jordan Hallucinated Seeing LeBron’s Son Playing Live: “I Already Have An Heir”

Paradox wished that the first time Michael Jordan saw the son of LeBron James play, it wasn’t slouching on the polished wood of a pavilion in the heat of the spotlights and amid swarms of media.

Two hundred meters from the Hermitage of St. John – a must visit every Sunday afternoon – the track ‘Nosrevi Naila’ (named after its first mayor, 2.10 who traded basketball for politics) after the road Went. , some with tall crevasses running end-to-end in contrast with a mosaic of leafy shrubs and Bauhaus-style lampposts, shape the streets of Jupiter, the most exclusive city with the highest per capita income in Palm County. Beach (Florida).

A man who, without playing basketball for 21 years, remains the jewel in Nike’s crown, earning $130 million a year for his Jordan Brand sports shoes, certainly has a lot to do with the latter. LeBron, ‘his second’ on the mark, is over thirty million in barely a year. four times less.

However, Michael Jordan, the most annoying figure in Barcelona at the 1992 Olympic Games, goes almost unnoticed in a neighborhood full of celebrities and paparazzi are banned from entering by the council.

Walking freely on a sunny day, buying bread or walking the dog, without feeling the oppression of glare or the need to drive a car with tinted windows, is a privilege for which many celebrities owe a good portion of their fortune, but in the southeastern United States Only the inhabitants of this small corner of America have managed to build and maintain it. An elite bubble, a microcosm without bars, a haven of peace and normality where autographs are worth no more than graffiti on the walls of roadside motels.

Perhaps for this reason, LeBron chose it as the destination for his family getaway this Christmas. It was barely three days in mid-December when the Lakers had the longest gap between games.

a private charter flight for about thirty passengers, where the entire James family would travel and what looked like a school farm for teenagers going into full throttle; Of those putting on the gym and sneakers before movie nights, FIFA, and Call of Duty. it happened that the team junior A Sierra Canyon School student was also on that plane.

Because he’s James, the typical cool dad with two planes in the garage, who drives twenty high school kids to opposite corners of the country because he feels like it and because he can. Three days away from the limelight and the vilest freelance press with multiple telephoto lenses around their necks.

a secret scout

And it was there, on the brittle cement track Nosrevi Nella where a party was improvised between members of Sierra Canyon and where it didn’t matter that they were teammates and even good partying buddies. Like Magic and Bird, like Green and Poole, competition dominates when the ball hits the ground, eroding any bonds of brotherhood for the duration of possession.

And so, on one of his aimless walks on a Friday afternoon, Michael Jordan discovered ‘Bronnie James’. The ’23’ had a lot to know about the ‘6’ trip to his piece of paradise, as he himself was in charge of advising on the reservation of the three luxury townhouses that LeBron needed for such a huge haven. circle. But what ‘Air’ didn’t know was that in the center of town there was a pavilion with all the facilities in the world (and which he himself had inaugurated a few years earlier), the boys of the Sierra Canyon were going to like it on the Forgotten Tracks and whose Only blackbirds and magpies, the typical birds of the area, seemed to be aware of the existence.

They had swept off their feet, the blanket of leaves that each autumn hid the half-erased lines of white and yellow that demarcated the different areas of the rectangle. The birds were scared away by the yelling, there was clapping, and some bravado rang in his ear before he could clearly make out the Lakers emblem on several sweat-soaked bibs. Jordan smiled as he realized LeBron hadn’t missed even the smallest detail.

King ordered enough backpacks to make all the kids feel like ‘Lakers’ for a day. He went a little closer and could see that the names stitched onto the numbers were not James, Kobe, Worth or Shaquille, but others who were completely unknown to him. Then he laughed again. They were custom jerseys, half white and gold and half blue and purple. Before him were two groups of teenagers in uniform and secretly sponsored by the Lakers, ready to give their all on a shabby court and in deepest obscurity.

What he didn’t know was that as an uninvited scout, a retired scout, about fifty feet away and hiding among the birch trees, he had none other than Looney Tunes guard and NBA legend Michael Jordan.

Of what happened afterward, we only know what the GOAT told in strict confidence to his closest circle and LeBron himself, but what the press has already begun to echo.

Brony drops Michael’s jaw.

when he ceases to be the son of

Without the pressure of the crowd waiting for his every single shot and his marks, without the benevolent shadow of his father acting as acting coach, adding stress to each decision he makes, without the constant certainty of knowing that all eyes that follow him Investigate. While watching to see what the ‘Son of a…’ does, Bronny, feeling free, becomes the owner and master of half of the Sierra Canyon team and the other half before MJ’s incredulous eyes. have destroyed.

“I finally have an heir to match”was a man who never showed himself prone to flattery (with Kobe taking years to accept him as ‘an equal’) later letting go of his people, challenging other players as worthy Very little to do to indicate the other players are willing to do so.

Incredible stings, penetrations, incredible crossovers, suffocating scars, robberies, midrange jumpers… Apparently Bruni did everything and almost everything right in front of the Lutheran Hermitage in St. John’s that Friday afternoon when ‘nobody’ was watching.

“Like father like son”, Michael would add as a final compliment. Something like “like father, like son”, or “breed comes to the greyhound” in our version of the proverb.

With that, Michael came to the conclusion that although it is LeBron who is only a few games away from becoming the all-time leading regular-season scorer…the best of the James pedigree is yet to come.

Draft 2024: We’re waiting for you.

(Cover photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images)

— Feliz 28 de diciembre de 2022 a todos.
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